Tsuen Wan shop fear erosion 79%

A single shop on the 2nd floor of Dihuang Square in Tsuen Wan, with a building area of 84 square feet, was commissioned by Huang Kaiji Auction House to open the auction on the 10th (next Wednesday), with a asking price of 850,000 yuan. The shop opened the price of 1.18 million yuan in August last year. No one cares about it. At the end of the year, the price was reduced to 1.16 million yuan. It was still auctioned. The asking price was 1.18 million yuan lower than the first price in August last year, which was 330,000 yuan or 28% lower. According to the Land Registry, the owner bought it for 4.076 million yuan in December 2012. If it sells at the price, it will be 3.226 million yuan or 79%.