Lv Zhihe: Spicy hot to jump up, do not speculate

In 2018, the “Lv Zhihe Award-World Civilization Award” ceremony was held yesterday. Galaxy Entertainment (00027) and Chairman of K. Wah International (00173), Lv Zhihe, who was the “named”, were of course to attend in person. During the period, they were asked about the United States plus The impact of interest on the property market in Hong Kong, Lv Zhihe said, “Buy bricks is property.” If necessary, you should be able to buy a flat, but the government is more hot, “Spicy to you jump”, so don’t hold a speculation. It is also believed that there are still many land options in Hong Kong, such as green land, brown land, agricultural land and reclamation.

For the high-speed rail that was opened to traffic recently, Lv Zhihe described the results as quite satisfactory. Although the flow of people is less than expected, the large-scale transportation system needs an adaptation period. I believe that the long-term will help Hong Kong and Macao tourists to grow. He also mentioned that Hong Kong must also find ways to stabilize its stability. To do business is to be stable, harmonious, and not to argue.”

The three winners of this year’s Lu Zhihe Award are respectively the German Green Party congressman Hans who is committed to promoting the renewable energy movement. Joseph. Fair, the World Meteorological Organization, and the Indian NGO Bolelin Education Foundation. As for whether the economic awards will be increased in the future, Lv Zhihe did not respond positively. He only said that the awards were only issued three years ago. They are expected to promote world peace and less disputes.