Haworth Bay display is open on Saturday

Yi Yi only sold 5 groups in the first round of sales at the beginning of last month. The developer bluntly issued a price list last night, increasing the 3% ad valorem tax allowance, the highest discount increased from 8% to 11%, and offered family discounts. Can reduce the property price of 55,000 or 110,000 yuan. In addition, the developers have lowered the price of 12 of them by 10%, together with the family discount, the price reduction is over 14%. Among them, the 12th floor A and F rooms, the practical area is 386 square meters, the discounted price is reduced from 893.872 million yuan to 767.216 million yuan, and the price reduction is 1,266,650 yuan. The developer also added a 540-day turnover payment, which increased from 70% to 85%.

Jiujianhai Aowan opened four demonstration units for one room and two rooms for the first time. Yang Congyong, general manager of Jiujian Municipal Affairs and Sales Department, said that the project will be offered today, and the first batch will be launched by no less than 130 people. The market price will be introduced. The first batch will be more favorable. The project will be used as a reference for the new Kai Tak. The unit area is not too large. The flattest unit can be as low as 4 million to 5 million yuan. The demonstration unit will be open from Saturday. Visits and invoices are expected to be released as soon as next week. Located at No. 1 Lei Yue Mun Trail, Hai Ao Bay offers 646 gangs with a usable area of ​​179 to 563 square meters. It will be occupied by the end of September next year.