The number of agents has broken for 7 consecutive months

The number of agents has recorded a record for the month. The latest data from the Estate Agents Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Lands Supervision Bureau) revealed that there were a total of 39,934 licensed agents in Hong Kong at the end of September, which broke for seven consecutive months, an increase of 243 from the 39,591 at the end of August. 0.6%).

The number of licensees of various types of licences increased in September. Among them, there were 21,654 license holders (commonly known as S or fine), compared with 21,450 recorded at the end of August, an increase of 204 per month (nearly 1) %); Another 18,180 people hold estate agent (personal) licenses (commonly known as E or big names), an increase of 39 (about 0.2%) from 18,141 at the end of August.

The number of “Detailed Business Descriptions" reflecting the number of branch offices increased for the sixth consecutive month. At the end of September, 7050 were recorded, but only two (about 0.03%) increase from the 7048 at the end of August. The increase was nearly six months. The smallest.

According to the Land Registry’s records, a total of 4 799 building transactions (including residential, industrial and commercial shops and car parking spaces) were recorded in September. This is equivalent to a transaction for every 8.3 agents, which is 7.1 per person in January last year. Since the beginning of a transaction, the most competitive month in the past 20 months.