New Home Ownership Scheme received 2,400 applications on the first day. The number of first day of the first round was almost the same.

In April this year, the application for the sale of Home Ownership Scheme Unit 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the New Home Ownership Scheme) was accepted. The Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Housing Authority) made an initial round of about 152,000 applications and restarted the application process after the price reduction. The application was accepted on the first day of yesterday. The Housing Authority Customer Service Center in Lok Fu has received about 2,400 applications as of 5 pm, and it is almost 2,700 copies on the first day of the first round of application. Many parents are even willing to help pay for the first phase of their children. They are convinced that “the house is in the middle of the house." There are also newly-married couples who are separated by the housing problem. They hope to live together and live in the same room. .

A total of 4431 flats in the three estates in the new homes, including Kai Lok Court, Sheung Wan Estate, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Kowloon, Tai Po, Kowloon, Kowloon From yesterday to the 16th of this month, the Commission restarted the application process for new HOS flats. Eligible members who did not submit their applications at the first round of application may submit applications during this period.

Newly married “separated" couples are looking forward to drawing

The Housing Authority’s Customer Service Center accepted applications from 8:00 am yesterday. More than 10 people were present at the 7 o’clock in the queue to wait for the delivery of the form. In the morning, there were applicants present. The flow of people increased significantly at noon. Applicants will come to the table before lunch time. As of 5:00 pm yesterday, the Housing Authority Customer Center received about 2,400 applications. Since the beginning of the contract on September 26, it has distributed about 58,000 applications, including about 33,300 white watches and about 24,700. A green watch has accumulated about 30,000 people to visit the model of the HOS.

According to the reporter’s scene, many of the citizens who attended the meeting yesterday were “fathers" and “mothers" who submitted their application forms for their children. Wu Tai, who is engaged in the banking industry, is currently a family of three HOS flats living in about 500 square meters. Yesterday, she was specially invited to be a 20-year-old son in the information technology industry. Mrs Ng pointed out that if there is no parent to help, the new generation will not be able to get on the train at all. “I hope that I will try my best to help the first phase of the project" and I will prefer the two urban estates in the urban area. If I finally draw the Yu Tai Court, I will consider it. Home-staying homes are sad (middle) Mark Six.

As for Mr. Ho, who lives in Tai Po, he married his wife in Tin Shui Wai. Although the two earned about 50,000 yuan a month, they still feel that the private building is difficult to afford. They have to live separately for the time being. I hope that I can successfully take the HOS and join my wife. live.

Huang Yuanhui expected to receive 200,000 watches in two rounds

The current saleable price of HOS flats is 278 to 631 square feet. The selling price is reduced from the market price by 30% to the market price of 50%, that is, 1.18 million to 4,679,800 yuan. The application will be closed at 7:00 on the 16th of this month. The Housing Authority will cope with the cases received in the restart application together with the 152,000 applications received in the first round. It is expected to pick up the building in February next year. The three housing estates will be completed and occupied in batches from November this year to October 2020.

The Chairman of the Housing Authority’s Subsidised Housing Unit, Mr Wong Wai-fai, said in a morning radio programme that the new price mechanism for HOS flats was linked to the affordability. The latest sale price of the new HOS flats in this year is equivalent to a 50% discount on the market price. Compared with the previous market price of 70%, it is naturally welcomed by the market. It is estimated that the case of re-application will be received, together with more than 150,000 forms received in the first round of applications, the new HOS will receive about 200,000 applications in this period.