Small and medium-sized banks 3 measures against interest rate hikes, grab new mortgages, lower the seal, increase cash, and give back high-interest accounts.

After the first time in 12 years, the Bank of Hong Kong added less than one week to P. The small and medium-sized banks issued three new rushes to seize new mortgages, including interest rate cuts at H, rate of cash rebates and increase of high-interest deposit-linked account discounts to offset the increase. The impact of interest on the burden of the mortgage.

At the end of the month, the Bank of Hong Kong announced the end of the ultra-low interest era in the past 12 years. Just entering the fourth quarter, there were news that small and medium-sized banks have adjusted their properties to low-profile adjustments, especially for new customers. In the meantime, Citibank took the lead in adjusting H to cap rate, from the original P minus 2.9% to P minus 3% (the line P was 5.375%), a decrease of 0.1%. The newspaper made an inquiry to Citi on the floor yesterday, but did not reply before the deadline.

Up to 2% of the market’s highest cash rebate

Secondly, following the 2% cash rebate provided by the Bank of China (02388) for individual new orders, the market has also raised the rebate rate to a maximum of 2% and provides a high-value deposit with a 60% discount for the new high-quality buyers. The account, through deposit interest and high rebate, offsets the mortgage payment after the interest rate increase.

In fact, Citigroup took the lead in raising the capping rate and P-press in early August, with an increase of about 0.1 to 0.2%, and H rose to 2.35% at the capping rate.

Together with the market on the 27th of last month, the bank will increase the P by 0.125%, with the lowest cap rate of P minus 2.9%. Under the two-fold stack, the actual interest rate of the buyer’s mortgage is 2.475%.

Assume that the buyer borrows 4 million yuan and 25 years of repayment period. After the interest rate increase, the monthly housing expenditure will increase by 251 yuan to 17,895 yuan. The bank’s H for new mortgages is lowered to P minus 3 per cent, that is, the actual mortgage rate is 2.375%, and the monthly repayment will fall back to 17,694 yuan, which is 201 yuan, in other words, it can be offset by about 80%. Additional rate hikes.

There is still room for adjustment in the quarter.

On the other hand, small and medium-sized banks quickly launched a rush to attack after the interest rate hike. It is known that large banks are temporarily on the move, reflecting that banks are still optimistic about the trend of the property market in Hong Kong. Under the competition in the fourth quarter to catch up with business targets, it is estimated that the season is There is still a narrow room for adjustment on the basis of discounts such as rebates.

As for the interest rate, some people in the banking industry believe that there is not much that the big bank takes the lead in adding P to 0.125%, but for small and medium-sized banks, it can still reduce certain borrowing costs. In addition, the short-term interest rate is down. Based on the different deposit bases of various banks, it is believed that there is a bank’s callback rate of 0.1%. The rate of decline is moderate. It is determined by individual business strategies. As a “small" customer, it is beneficial for other cross-selling; The pace of interest continues, and it is expected that other big banks will not follow the opportunity in the short term.