The policy address is expected to be submitted to the reclamation.

The forthcoming policy address will focus on the land and housing policy. It is expected to provide detailed research on land reclamation through land reclamation, including artificial islands in the central waters and four offshore reclamation sites, providing nearly 1,500 hectares of land.

The Land Supply Task Force should submit a preliminary observation report at the request of the Chief Executive, Mrs Lam, as the Administration’s support for the policy address. According to the preliminary observation report, the development of brownfields is generally supported. Many people are also in favour of reclamation to develop a large area. land.

It is understood that the report mentions that there are opinions that the Government can start preliminary work as soon as possible to determine the feasibility of individual reclamation sites. It is expected that the policy address will mention the feasibility study on artificial islands in the central waters, Lung Kwu Tan, Yan O, Planning and engineering studies on the site selection of four offshore reclamation sites in Siu Ho Wan and Ma Yu Shui, and applications for funding from the Legislative Council. The five reclamation projects can provide a total of 1,400 to 1,490 hectares.

New technology and environmental protection

Earlier, the think tank Solidarity Hong Kong Fund proposed an enhanced version of the East Lantau Metropolitan Research and plans to double the reclamation to 2,200 hectares. Although the reclamation scale can be further explored in the study, from the location point of view, there are navigation channels and water depth restrictions near the Jiaozhou Island. If the water depth in the east is more than 10 meters, the cost of reclamation will be higher and there will be restrictions on the reclamation scale.

In addition, there is also information that the Government will emphasize that the existing reclamation technology is more environmentally friendly and has a lesser impact on the marine ecology. It will alleviate the concern of environmental protection bodies. It will also refer to reclamation to solve the daily public generated in Hong Kong. And the role of building fillers.

Zhunyuanlong Construction Engineering Building

As regards whether more new sites will be proposed, it is known that the land debate will be given to the “5+1″ reclamation site and the location of reclamation in Hong Kong is not large. It is concentrated in the western waters. The locations of Lung Kwu Tan, Yan O and Siu Ho Wan are therefore not likely to have more sites to propose.

Another short-term and medium-term depression will focus on brownfields. The investigation of the brownfields in the New Territories and the relocation of brownfield operations into multi-storey industrial buildings will be completed by the end of this year. It is expected that the policy address will also be explained.

The Government has initially built 7 to 8 storeys of high-rise industrial buildings in Hung Shui Kiu and Yuen Long Estate. It will be used for the rehousing of existing brownfields. Among them, 9 will be reserved in the flood bridge planning for a total of more than 30 hectares of land crops. With the introduction of compensation and resettlement schemes for handling brownfield operations, the pace of development of 1,300 hectares of brownfields in the New Territories will also accelerate.

Civil service cooperative reconstruction URA took over

In addition, the development of a low-density civil service cooperative project has also become a slogan of the policy address. It is known that the redevelopment of the Civil Service Building Co-operatives, which was originally carried out by the HS in the form of a pilot scheme, will be handed over to the URA for re-construction. The land will be redeveloped for private housing and subsidised housing.

As the URA can now collect the title by way of the Lands Resumption Ordinance, the situation will be more successful than the Housing Authority’s pilot scheme. The Government has previously estimated that a total of 85 civil service cooperatives in Hong Kong have the potential for reconstruction. It is estimated that an additional 4,000 people can be provided after the redevelopment.