Tuition King: property prices will rise more or less in the long run

“Recruiting King" Wu Yin-de believes that the investment market will inevitably have “noise", but in the long run property prices will still rise more or less. Under the current market, you should buy a property in a new development area. .

Since the government repeatedly spicy in recent years, many investors have reduced the number of properties they buy and sell because of increased market entry costs. However, Wu Xiande, the “tutorial king" and senior investor, took the opposite turn. In recent years, he frequently bought flats and mainly bought Tseung Kwan O Recently, he has recently purchased another 2 units in Jinhai with nearly 23 million yuan. In the past 4 years, he has purchased 13 properties in the new district.

Tseung Kwan O Kai Tak Yuen Long prospects

Property investment community has a golden rule “Location, Location, Location" that is the geographical location of the property, to determine its all values, but Wu believes this set of theory is not applicable.

“What matters most to me is whether the property has any infrastructure support. For example, there are commercial elements such as shopping malls and hotels which can help prop up the rental value of properties. For example, the current Tseung Kwan O, Kai Tak, Yuen Long and Tung Chung are all quite promising investments Area, “he said.

“Ascending the market to buy potential areas, falling market to buy the traditional lot." Wu believes that the traditional lot such as Happy Valley, the property is too expensive, but the surrounding may not have matching.

Furthermore, Hong Kong is small in size and convenient in traffic. Many places can be reached in about half an hour.

Generally located in the traditional locations are large luxury units in the investment perspective, the rental income of these properties is poor, “To buy a large luxury home, it would be better to buy 10 small and medium-sized units," he said.

“Buy 1 mansion is better to buy 10 middle-income households"

“The most important thing is that in the future, there will be shopping centers at Sunrise Cannes. The concept of landfills will no longer be available in the future.

In the investment market, there will inevitably be noise, property prices will rise and fall. At a time when it is difficult to normalize the money market, the property market can not be judged solely on the basis of factors such as interest rates, the demand for the mortgage and the supply of housing. The property market is still up more or less, the property market even if the decline, the next wave of highs will certainly rise above the previous high, although there is a risk of buying a home, but there is also the risk of devaluation of silver paper, so even if high property prices, only Accept the market’s “irrationality."

He mentioned that he really likes the storage industry. Since he started investing in the Qingtian Peninsula in Kowloon Station in 2003, he has bought Mid-levels, large estates in the Eastern District of Hong Kong Island and fine buildings in recent years to buy a new disk in Tseung Kwan O. Investing in overseas properties, including Bangkok, Thailand, Osaka, Japan and California, more than 50 properties have been bought and sold.

In his view, the property is like a private “grain barn" and holds that the property has a role to play in preventing the famine. As the property is able to preserve or even appreciate, when it is time to start a business, it takes a sum of money from the “granary" to help