China Construction Xu family Shenshui Shen 816 rejected

Construction of 816 gangs of land held by the chairman of the CSC’s Xu Shixun family in the south of the Hakkawei area of Sheung Shui and the approval of the TPB will eventually veto the application because the surrounding facilities failed to cooperate.

Not with the surrounding facilities

The site is located south of Hakka Wai and near Fanling Highway. The developer applied for the rezoning of the site to “Comprehensive Development Area (1)". To build 7 25-storey high-rise residential buildings at a plot ratio of 3.6%, the site will provide 816 Guy, involving a total floor area of about 1.16 million square feet.

The Planning Department said that the proposed density and ceiling of the proposed scheme are similar to those of the adjacent golf landscape and are not opposed to the scheme.

However, the application received a total of more than 164 objections during the consultation period. The TPB is of the view that the projects around the site are dominated by less than 1 times plot ratio and 3 to 4 storeys of low-density development. In contrast with the proposed scheme The uncoordinatedness of the density and the ceiling of the building together with the large-scale development or negative impact on the supporting facilities and traffic landscape in the area eventually rejected the application.