Jinhai II wheel 131 push the day more than 90% real estate

Tseung Kwan O Jinhai II yesterday round of sales of 131 units, the daily sell 90% units; Statistics first 10 months of this year (as of October 29), first-hand turnover has recorded 16,000, expected annual turnover of 20000, Hit a new high since 2013.

SHKP (00016), Sunrise Cannes, Jinhai yesterday launched the second round of sales of 131 units. The developer earlier announced that the sale will be the last major sales of the Jinhai project during the year and attract a large number of buyers queue. On the scene, buyers are mainly young people, many of them with their parents picking house.

Jinhai II Tire sell 352 sets cash 2.6 billion

This time there is no big hand arrangement, the buyer can purchase up to 2 partners. The project eventually sold 125 units, accounting for about 95% of units for sale. Jinhai II TAC sold 352 partners, cash of about 2.6 billion yuan.

Jinhai II before the second round of sales, Jinhai (IVA period) last Saturday (28) and recorded a new high turnover. According to the transaction records, Block 2B, 53 / F, Unit A, which covers an area of ​​1,066 square feet and is a 4-bedroom unit with a transaction price of $ 22,362,700 and a price of $ 20,978. The city’s first foot price broken 20,000 yuan turnover. Compared with two weeks ago, the unit price of same-type units was 21.17 million yuan and the price was 19,860 yuan per square foot, 5.6% higher than that of the previous year.

First-hand turnover exceeded 16,000 in October

The same department in Southwest Kowloon Longxu yesterday also sold in the form of tender four, a total of more than 240 million sets. Three of them, Block A, 41F, covers an area of ​​2,182 square feet, with a turnover of 90.116 million yuan and a price of 41,300 yuan per square foot.

A total of 172 transactions were recorded on the weekend primary market, down 38% from 277 the previous weekend. New World (00017) The Tuen Mun THE PARKVILLE and Clearwater Bay Ao Long each recorded a transaction, the transaction price was 9.57 million yuan and 22.8121 million yuan, 12,761 and 21,200 yuan per foot. Another Victory Building (00896) MOUNT VIENNA Fo Tan MOF VIENNA sold for 41.68 million yuan on the second floor, price of 25,200 yuan, a record high transaction price and the foot price.

Statistics In October (as at 29 June), first-hand market recorded about 1,500 transactions with a turnover of over $ 17.4 billion, compared with 1,958 in September and $ 19.6 billion in September, representing a decrease of 23% and 11% respectively.

Looking forward, there will be a number of new offerings to be launched in November, with first hand sales expected to reach 2,000 in November. According to statistics, in the first 10 months of this year, the primary market has exceeded 16,000 transactions. It is expected that there will be a chance to exceed 20,000 in the whole year and create a new high of one-off new cases in 2013.