The property market has seen the top

The property market has seen the top

The founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, was arrested in Canada for a thousand dollars. In the Chinese and Hong Kong stock market, a blockbuster was thrown. The Hang Seng Index fell below 803 points at most. The decline narrowed at the close, still 663 points, closing at 26,156 points. 2.47%.

Meng Zhouzhou is a deputy director of Huawei and a CFO. Canada arrested her, at the request of the United States, on charges of doing business with Iran in violation of US law, and it was reminiscent of ZTE (00763). Why is the United States aiming at ZTE with Huawei? Everyone is so clear that there is no need to talk about it. But this incident happened when China and the United States launched a new round of trade negotiations, reflecting that the US side has neither good intentions nor sincerity. It is doubtful that this negotiation will still be able to What to dump.

US stocks resumed on Thursday, can we reverse the turmoil on Tuesday? One of the reasons for the tumbling of the day was that the debts were upside down and caused recession worries. As I said in the last article, it is not arbitrary to judge the recession by looking at the upside down. However, the figures on the US property market in recent days are indeed a bit “smell".

First, in October, the annual sales of new homes in the United States totaled 544,000, down 8.9% from the previous month. Compared with the same period last year, the decline was 12%, the largest decline since April 2011. According to data released by the American Association of Realtors, the US home sales index for October fell to 102.1 from 104.8 in September, the lowest since June 2014. Zhong You, the Toll Brothers, which focuses on the mid- to high-end property market, has fallen 30% this year. The company recently said that the value of new contracts fell 15% year-on-year and the number of homes produced fell 13%.

There are two main reasons for the weakening of the US property market. First, the Fed’s rate hike is shrinking. Mortgage interest rates have rebounded from ultra-low levels, and the withdrawal of Chinese buyers has accelerated the adjustment of the US property market.

The data shows that Chinese buyers sold US commercial real estate worth 1.29 billion US dollars in the second quarter of this year, buying only 126.2 million US dollars, net sales of 1.164 billion US dollars, the first time in 10 years.

“Invasion" continues to blame the Reserves for raising interest rates. In fact, the contract has a greater impact. Now the Reserves will withdraw up to $50 billion in monthly funds. The market will lose $600 billion in one year, taking into account the multiplier effect. . The Reserve Bureau will hold a meeting meeting, expecting to raise interest rates by 0.25%, and what will be said about the interest rate and the trend of contraction after the meeting.

Tencent (00700) fell 5.2% yesterday, and the short position of the newly opened option rose more than 1 time, and the position was raised. The other Long Put object is Xindi (00016), and the Kwun Tong new market price promotion shows that the local property market has indeed peaked. Xindi’s share price has rebounded by 0.382 times of the bear market’s decline. The current level is weak, and the 100 yuan is a bit of a good taste.