The price of the parking space in Kingswood is priced at 40%

The price of the parking space in Kingswood is priced at 40%.

The property market has gone downhill and the parking spaces have also shown signs of falling. A car parking space in Kingswood Villas, Tin Shui Wai, which was once ordered, was re-sold in the market. It was only sold for $110,000 in the flat, which was the first time in the year that the car park fell below the “one ball". The high position is less than half a year.

45.7% lower than the historical high in July

According to market news, a double parking space on the B floor of Meihu Residence in Jiahu Mountain Villa was originally sold for 1.48 million yuan in August this year. However, the buyer finally ordered the “shrinking sand” and the loss was about 50,000 yuan. . The car was immediately reduced to $1.05 million for sale. It was changed to $110,000 in the past few days. The cost of the car was 570,000 yuan (about 38.5%). It was the first cost of the house this year. The parking space was completed.

According to the data, Jiahu Resort recorded more than 110 parking spaces this year, and the construction price has stabilized at more than 1.1 million yuan. The most expensive is another double parking space in Meihu. In July, it changed hands with a historical high price of 1.675 million yuan. The cost is 7.65 million yuan (about 45.7%).

Agent: The owner does not want to be ordered again

The agent said that the original owner of the flat price was “has lived in a long time, but has moved away for many years". The flat sale has nothing to do with his personal turnover and bleak. “Pure dreams are again (by)" According to the purchase price of 360,000 yuan in 1999, after the price reduction, the book still earns 550,000 yuan (about 1.5 times), and the new buyer is an investor.

Zhongqi Real Estate Branch Manager Hu Qiwen admitted that the rental of parking spaces in Jiahu Mountain Villa has dropped significantly recently. The latest monthly rent has dropped back to about 2,400 yuan, which is about 2,900 yuan higher than the June high, which is about 17.2%. The rent is falling or dragging down the cost of parking spaces. The cost of parking spaces in the same housing estate will gradually fall to the edge of 1 million yuan.

Xiang Yi Real Estate Branch Manager Xie Liguan said that the parking space of Kingswood Villas “the market is attracting less investors and short-term speculation, but the market conditions are reversed, and the decline can be greater than the residential."

At present, there are about 160 parking spaces in Jiahu Mountain Resort. The most flat price is 1.17 million yuan. It is the double parking space on the B floor of Lihu Residence. It has dropped significantly from the entrance fee of about 1.5 million yuan in June and July.

Tseung Kwan O has also lowered the price of vehicles for sale in the near future. According to Liu Haoqin, the assistant director of the Hong Kong Property Management Division, there are about 435 parking spaces in the district. About 20% of the vehicles have been reduced in price in recent months, with an average reduction of about 15%.