Kwun Tong Kaihui Open Positioning More than 10,000 visitors Developer

Kwun Tong Kaihui Open Positioning More than 10,000 visitors Developer: Today’s official ticket collection Jiudong second-hand  price reduction tide

The first phase of Kwun Tong Kaihui (hereinafter referred to as Kaihui) led by Xinjia (00083) attacked at a low price. The developer opened the demonstration unit for the public for the first time yesterday, which attracted more than 10,000 visitors. On the first day of this year, I visited the most popular new market. It is reported that not only users, but also investors are eager to move. The project will start the first round of sales as soon as next week, and will have the opportunity to push before the sale. The second-hand housing estates in Kowloon East are facing low prices. Some owners are now looking for a sale price. The price reduction is as high as 14.3%. There are also owners who are “selling sub-leasing" to evade, and second-hand squatters are “fading". I plan to enter Kaihui “Bo Yibo". The market rumored that the project rushed to collect the ticket last night and obtained 286 votes for the full subscription. However, the developer said that it has not officially received the ticket yet, and the ticket is collected as soon as possible.

Kaihui launched a low-cost attack on the city. For the first time, the demonstration unit at the Tsim Sha Tsui Centre was opened for visit. At 3 pm, there were already people in the demonstration unit. There was a small “snake cake" in the shopping mall. It is estimated that there are at least people. From 150 to 200 people, the crowd is getting more and more beautiful.

Huang Yongguang: There is room for price increase

Mr. Wong Wing-kwong, Deputy Chairman of the Trust, has shown that he can apply the concept of the 5-minute life circle at Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Station to the Kwun Tong Redevelopment Project. It has the same elements of residential, office, shopping, hotel and MTR stations as the Kowloon Station. The Tang District is more mature and has a complete set of living facilities. For the project to be launched at a low price, Huang Yongguang said that the first batch was launched at a super happy price. I believe many buyers have savings and wait for home ownership opportunities. The group also has a lot of Fans, and there is room for price increases.

Tian Zhaoyuan, co-director of Sino Land’s sales department, said that Kaihui attracted a large number of investors and users to visit the first day. As of 8:00 pm, more than 10,000 people were recorded. The first round of sales will be held as soon as next week.

Although the new ones launched this year, not every one has announced the number of visitors on the first day, but since the launch of this year’s ticketing king Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Kangcheng MALIBU only had more than 5,000 people visiting the first day, Kaihui will become the first this year. Days to visit the most popular new plate. The market said that the plate had a surprise ticket collection last night and won about 286 votes. It has been oversubscribed. However, the developer responded that it had not officially received the ticket yesterday and accepted the ticket as soon as possible. Kaihui, located at No. 33 Xiehe Street, has a total of 1025 gangs, with a usable area of ​​452 to 1543 square meters. It is expected to be completed by the end of April 2021. The average price of the first price list is 205, and the average price is 17388 yuan.

Ligang City 6 group of squatters canceled

Kaihui is in a strong position. The second-hand housing estates are now available for sale at the price of the owner. The agent said that the original 6-member guest reservations at Laguna City in Kwun Tong have been cancelled in the whole building. Two-bedroom units, 517 square meters of practical area, yesterday’s asking price from 7.5 million yuan, to 6.9 million yuan (about 8% reduction); A low-rise B room in Huafeng has a practical area of ​​560 square feet. The two rooms are separated by an original price of 10.5 million yuan. The latest bid price is also reduced to 9 million yuan, a drop of 1.5 million yuan (about 14.3%), and the intention price is 16071 yuan. The September transaction price of the same two-bedroom unit in the lower-floor D room of the 570-square-meter area with a practical area of ​​570 square feet is about 12.8% lower than the price of 18,421 yuan.

In addition, there are second-hand owners selling sub-lease escaping. Lian Wan Real Estate Chief Executive Pan Daheng said that at least 5 cases of sub-lease were sold in Kwun Tong District yesterday.

In addition, many second-hand tenants in Kowloon East have seen the “fat" of second-hand flats. They intend to enroll in Kaihui “Bo Yibo". The senior account manager of Hong Kong Property Branch, Tan Zheng, said that there were at least three groups of Kowloon Bay Telford Garden. The buyer canceled the appointment and decided to subscribe to Kaihui in the day. The target was to subscribe for 1 room. Some investors also indicated that the ticket was invoiced, which also described the price of Kaihui as “normal to normal”. According to the major agents, there are prospective buyers in Kai Tin, Tai Wai, Ma On Shan and Tseung Kwan O. They have more than 50 customers and have indicated that they will be admitted to Kaihui