Central Central’s full-scale dismantling of 70 million

Cheung Kong (1113) sold 75% of the Central Business Centre at a price of $40.2 billion at the end of last year and became the largest transaction in the property market in Hong Kong. Since then, the Central Centre has been circulating news of the sale.

It is reported that senior investor Cai Zhizhong or related persons hold two floors of properties, each floor of which is about 25,000 square feet. Cai intends to sell the entire floor of the 22nd floor into 12 fine units. The finest unit is about 1,600 square feet. The admission fee is expected to exceed 70 million yuan.

Cai Zhizhong revealed that this time it was asked by the public to dismantle the sale. Because the first floor is over 1 billion yuan and the silver code is too large, it is hoped that the demolition unit will reduce the entrance fee. The spin-off has been approved by the relevant departments, as soon as 10 days before the next month. On sale, the sales are expected to be ideal. As for the full floor of the 23rd floor, it will be rented for long-term rent and there is no plan for sale.

The old building of Hung Hom is strong. The reserve price is over 1.4 billion.

In addition, the land in the reclamation area is difficult to find, and the developer has to make a close purchase in the old district. As long as the acquisition is sufficient for 80% of the ownership, it is in line with the strong threshold.

Henderson Land (0012) has been actively acquiring old buildings in Hung Hom District in recent years, including No. 3032, Lishi South Road and No. 75-77, Brigade Street, No. 34 and No. 36, South Gulis Road, No. 38 and No. 40, Gillies South Road, Hung Hom. And the No. 42 and No. 44 of Gillies South Road have been awarded a strong order by the court and will be sold by public auction next Tuesday at a reserve price of $1.445 billion. The above-mentioned buildings are four 7-storey buildings with a total area of ​​13,175 square feet and a building age of about 60 years.

According to the information, Henderson has launched a total of 4 blocks in Whampoa many years ago. The whole project spans Whampoa Street, South Chelsea Road, Po Ching Street and Pui King Street. . The annual report also shows that the four-street site in Whampoa covers an area of ​​about 109,000 square feet. With a plot ratio of 9 times, the maximum floor area can be as high as 980,000 square feet. It is expected to provide more than 2,000 units.