Vacant tax shock

The vacant tax has aggravated the pressure on developers to sell the existing building. This time, Xindi (00016) pushed PARK YOHO Milano (Junyu 2C). The first batch of units was also deliberately opened lower, hoping to cause the market to buy.

The scale of the project is large.

In order to increase the cost of developing goods, the government announced that it will introduce a vacant tax on the first floor. Since PARK YOHO Milano has obtained occupation permits, it is already a current building project, and the scale is not small. There are 538 people in total. If the vacant tax is levied in the future, the tax will be quite large.

First-hand transaction slowed down by 6% in one month

In addition, PARK YOHO still has the second phase and the third phase of the follow-up period. In order to avoid the accumulation of too many sources of supply and increase the pressure on sales, the developer has also chosen to lower the price and first achieve the effect of the goods. It will be launched at a preferential price, and will be gradually increased in price afterwards.

In addition, the recent first-hand transaction has slowed down. The number of transactions in this month has only been about 900, which is about 60% lower than that of the previous month. Therefore, the developers have also deliberately added more detailed units to the first batch of flats. For sales, it is expected to attract market attention with low silver code. PARK YOHO Milano will launch 7 groups of open-plan units for the first time. The entrance fee is 4.279 million yuan, and the one-bedroom unit also accounts for 48 people.

On the other hand, when developers launched the last issue of PARK YOHO Genova in July last year, the first units did not have open-plan units