Chinese manufacturers will relax the use of industrial buildings

The Land Supply Task Force continued to consult the community and met with representatives of the China Manufacturers Association yesterday. It is learnt that the Chamber of Commerce is concerned about the activation and redevelopment of industrial buildings and hopes that the Government will relax the use of the existing industrial buildings.

Huang Yuanhui, chairman of the task force, revealed that the group met with representatives of the manufacturers’ meeting on the land supply consultation yesterday, during which several issues were mentioned, including the activation of industrial buildings and the development of brownfields.

In terms of industrial buildings, the Chamber of Commerce believes that many standards for the use of industrial buildings have been formulated in the 1960s. After the times have changed, they should be relaxed for more different industrial uses, and the time or cost of applying for waiver can be saved.

Land team will meet with political parties

At the same time, the group also recently met with representatives of the New Democratic Party, the Liberal Party and other political groups, including some active regional people. Therefore, they will pay more attention to individual options related to designated areas.

In addition, the Task Force broadcasted the latest episode on the radio programme yesterday. The topics include “Using a Private Playground Contract” and “Resetting or Integrating a Wide-ranging Recreational Facilities”.

Among the private playground contract options, the Fanling Golf Course is more of a public concern. The task force member Zeng Yucheng said that the main reason for the high stadium became the controversy in the development of the Northeast New Territories a few years ago. It was suggested why the villagers should be forced to move instead of developing the golf course next to them, leaving a deep impression on the public.

The task force member Wu Zunan said that he agrees that the Fanling Golf Course can have development opportunities, but it also needs to make various assessments. If it finds high social or ecological value, it should also be protected by objective criteria. It must be fair with other sites. .

Another member, Yu Wai-yiu, said that the Government had approved the use of high-court grounds more than 100 years ago. At that time, there were a lot of idle land in Hong Kong. However, as the community discovered that the land was now tense, it could be considered whether it could be done. development of.