Joint Industrial Engineering Building full-scale intentional price 5800

There are mixed new and old industrial buildings in Kwun Tong District. However, each has its own market. For example, the United Industrial Industrial Building, which has a 37-year-old building, has a rare sale of more than 10,000 flats. The intention price is less than $6,000.

Rice Property Account Manager Chen Qi pointed out that the full-floor unit for sale is a low-rise unit of United Industrial Industrial Building, No. 20 Xingye Street, Kwun Tong, with an area of ​​approximately 14,926 square feet. The owner sold the price at a price of approximately RMB 86.57 million. About 5,800 yuan.

Practical interval

The upper site is a rare full-floor release, with multiple windows inside, wide open view, practical interval, and built-in platform, conference room, separate restroom and air-conditioning equipment, which meet the needs of different industries. The property also has a parking lot and can carry 40-foot long containers. The vicinity is well-equipped with banks, restaurants, shopping malls, etc., and the flow is very busy. It is also close to the MTR Kwun Tong Station and the main Kwun Tong Road. .

In fact, the joint Xingye Building has always been based on rent leasing. The market rent per square foot is about 15 yuan. On the contrary, there are few transactions. It is obvious that the owners are reluctant to sell. Moreover, the whole floor has more than 10,000 square feet. Demolition and sales value, the return on investment is very satisfactory.

As for the more than 10,000 square feet of flats in the same district, there are not many trades. The newly-recognized reference is 37 years old. It is located at the lower level of Fuchang Building, No. 63, Kaiyuan Road. It covers an area of ​​about 10,490 square feet and is about $84.92 million. The price is about 8,095 yuan. In addition, the high-rise unit of Quanyuan Industrial Building, No. 342, Kwun Tong Road, which is about 51 years old, covers an area of ​​about 15,000 square feet. The transaction price is about 82.88 million yuan and the average price is about 5,525 yuan.

Mr Chan continued to point out that the Government is keen to build East Kowloon into the second core business district in Hong Kong, which has enabled Kwun Tong District to become an industrial and commercial complex in the industrial area in just a few years, and the innate transportation facilities are perfect, with many developments in the region. Driven by the plan, the development prospects in the region are fully optimistic, and the market demand for large-area disk sources is becoming more and more demanding, resulting in an increase in the overall industrial property prices, which will stimulate the industrial buildings in the region.