Yijing has more than 730 million to win the Fanling industrial site

The Lands Department recently announced that an industrial site in Safe Street, Anle Village, Fanling, New Territories, was invested by Yijing Real Estate Holdings for $732 million, which is close to the market expectation ceiling. The land price per square floor of the site is 3,617 yuan, breaking the old record of industrial land at Majiao Street in Shau Kei Wan at the beginning of this year and becoming the industrial land with the highest price.

Mei Wei Industrial and Commercial Director Chen Weizhi said that the total investment of the project is about 1.2 billion to 1.3 billion yuan. If the property is sold after the completion of the property, the price of the sale will break the record of the district. As for the rent, it is expected to reach about 15 To the level of 20 yuan.

PARK YOHO Milano428 million boarding

In addition, the new Yuan Yuen Long PARK YOHO Milano announced the first price list involving 108 pairs yesterday, the average discount price is 13,756 yuan, taking into account the maximum 16% discount, open-type home discount price of about 4.278 million yuan. The deputy managing director of Xindi, Lei Wei, said that the project was launched at the “fast speed action price”, the price was irresistible, more attractive than the recent transaction, and there were more discounts than Grand YOHO, and there will be room for price increase.

Chen Hanlin, general manager of Xindi, said that the first batch of units was priced from 5.094 million yuan to 16.68 million yuan, and the price was from 15,439 yuan to 20,409 yuan. The price list was quoted at a market value of about 850 million yuan.

In addition, according to the information, the 3rd House, No. 28, Hill Road, Peak, has 5,579 square meters, with a private swimming pool and 7,489 square gardens. It was changed by about 900 million yuan earlier. The price was about 161,000 yuan. In the form of “shell” (equity transfer), the company holding the property has been renamed by Liu Zhenyu and Yuan Jianji as new directors. Both of them are senior executives of Shun Tak Group. I believe that the buyer behind is the gambling king, He Chaoqiong or related parties.