The fifth phase of the activation history 4 buildings received 400 million

The Development Bureau announced the results of the tender for the fifth phase of the “Revitalising Historic Buildings Partnership Scheme" yesterday. Among the five revitalisation projects, the most competitive Middle Ages in the Mid-Levels, the Dolly Barracks, the 12th tender was finally composed by the Christian Love Association. The bid was won by the bid, defeating the “Nanhuai International Cultural Center” project recommended by the Chinese scholar Master Nan Huai. The Association proposes to set up an “Arts Exhibition Centre" to promote mental and mental health through game therapy.

Another focus of the tender was the Mawan Fangyuan Library, which was originally the first batch of activation projects. However, the operating agency Yuanyuan College gave up the operation and returned it to the government in the previous year. However, even if there were two tenders under the tender, it still flowed.

The Development Bureau stated that the two tenders received by the Fangyuan Library did not meet the requirements, including one insufficient information and the other with the theme of “Hanfu Inn". It was not accepted because it failed to meet its own profit and loss standards. The room is included in the list of the sixth phase of the activation plan.

Due to the flow of the Fangyuan Book Room, only the four projects were successfully approved in the fifth phase of the activation plan. The Secretary for Development, Mr Wong Wai-lun, said yesterday that the Government expects to allocate about $365 million to subsidize the rehabilitation of the four projects. It will also provide them with a total of about $18 million to fund the initial operation. It is expected that the new uses of the four historic buildings will continue in 2022-23. Enabled, providing approximately 124 jobs.

Union market will sell local dishes

In addition to the Luo Ti Shi Building, another fierce competition is the Fanling Lianhe Market. It received 8 tenders, including the successful activation of the Tai O Police Station as a hotel and the Hong Kong Historical Heritage Conservation and Construction Co., Ltd. supported by the Wong Family of the major shareholders of the Sino Group. Entered the standard, but eventually lost.

The project was awarded by the Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service. It plans to revitalize the Luen Wo Market as a “Urban and Rural Life Museum” to sell local vegetables and handicrafts.

The forward-running Fushan Police Station won the bid by the Hong Kong Guide Dog Association and recommended to be changed to the Guide Dog Training Academy. Lin Weibang, executive director of the association, said that the school can train 20 to 30 guide dogs in the same period. The original room of the police station will be changed into a tacit understanding between the visually impaired and the guide dogs, hoping to alleviate the shortage of guide dogs in Hong Kong. Happening.

As for the Wan Chai Historic Site, Yin Yin Lung, Wong Wai Lun said that there is no plan to incorporate the Revitalisation Partnership Scheme. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department is in the process of drafting the revitalisation programme.