Dawei Station Shangshang Commercial and Residential Project Providing 3 thousand people

The Taichung to Hung Hom section of the Shatin Line, which has been planned for many years, is expected to open to traffic in mid-2019. By then, the distance between Sha Tin, Tai Wai and the urban area will be greatly shortened. The Government has actively promoted land in the district in recent years, the most notable of which is the New World (00017). ) The Dawei Station is covered by a project.

The completion of the Sha Chung Line will greatly reduce the travel time between Kowloon East, New Territories East and Hong Kong Island. It takes only 5 minutes to travel to Tai Wai to Diamond Hill. It takes 17 minutes to travel to Tai Wai to Admiralty. It is a 10 minute drive from the original Hong Kong Railway Line.

With the further improvement of the transportation network, it is expected to increase the price of Dawei and Shatian. In the past few years, the government has awarded a number of projects and land plots in the district, including the Tai Wai Station cover project, which was acquired by New World in October 2014.

New land harvesting land

The project is a large-scale commercial and residential development. It will build 8 residential buildings, provide a total of about 3,000 people, and set up a large shopping mall of 653,000 square feet. The mall will be returned to MTR management after completion. In terms of housing, it is expected that small and medium-sized units will be the mainstay.

In addition, SHKP (00016) also has two development projects in the district, including the multi-stone land acquired by 2.36 billion yuan two years ago. The project can be built with a floor area of ​​about 434,000 square feet. Higher and more open, if the average area of ​​each group is about 500 square feet, it is estimated that about 870 small and medium-sized units can be provided.

At the same time, SHKP also acquired agricultural land in Shatian District to deploy land premiums, including the acquisition of a batch of about 476,000 square feet of farmland in the past few years. It applied for the construction of 5 private houses, providing a total of 1,325 people. After completing the land premium, It is expected to become a potential new building supply in the region.