Tai Kok Tsui Industrial Centre is near 100 million

The Government has studied the reactivation of the industrial building. Some manufacturers have purchased the entire building of the Industrial Building in Tai Kok Tsui Industrial Centre for $99 million. The price is about $4,714.

According to the Land Registry, the whole building of the Industrial Centre, 37 Sheung Wan Street, Tai Kiu Tsui was changed to $99 million. The new buyer was Tintron (Asia). The registered directors, namely Huang Youhui and Huang Yali, were fur manufacturers. The site has a site area of approximately 1,800 square feet and is now a 15-storey industrial building with a total floor area of approximately 21,000 square feet. The price is approximately RMB 4,714. The property was approved to be built into a hotel many years ago and provides 48 rooms. I believe that there is an opportunity to redevelop the commercial buildings through land premiums.