Shunde lacks a low market price of 20%

The Central Asian sellers held an auction yesterday, smashing 19 properties and selling 3 of them. Zeng Jiejun, the managing director and auctioneer of the bank, pointed out that the 6th floor of the middle floor of the Shun Tak Centre in Sheung Wan has a building area of about 2421 square meters. The property lost part of the contract and the price was 60 million. The two groups were actively bidding and grabbed 400. 10,000 to 64 million transactions, low market price of 20%.

In addition, the high-rise room D of the 2nd floor of the Jubilee Bay in Discovery Bay, with an area of 904 square feet, has a starting price of 8.5 million, with a price of 9.25 million, and a price of 10,232 yuan. Compared with the market price of about 10.4 million, it is more than one ball. A work space at iwork, Kwai Chung King Fung Industrial Building, with a gross floor area of about 267 square feet, with a price of 800,000, was sold at a rent of 960,000.

Zeng said that the recent market sentiment has turned to wait and see, but the auction will have rare properties for bidding, so the market reaction is quite good.