Sham Shui Po old building acquisition shelved

After the government announced the new housing policy at the end of June, investors took a wait-and-see attitude toward the property market. According to market news, a local family fund originally used about 300 million yuan in early June to acquire 227 to 227C, Haitan Street, Sham Shui Po, and a total of 80% of the 15 15-storey old buildings. The transaction was originally completed on August 31. Due to the change of market conditions, the family finally chose to leave the market. The deposit paid to the small owners was not returned. It is estimated that the buyer’s loss exceeded RMB 10 million.

Secondly, the North Point Huangdu Theatre Building, which was acquired by New World (00017), was re-recorded. According to the Land Registry, the 34th floor of the building has a usable area of 308 square feet and was acquired for 357.28 million yuan. The price was over 110,000 yuan.