High price of Fanling industrial land approved for reconstruction

The two places between China and Hong Kong have increased. The government used the land in the Anle Village Industrial Zone in Fanling to relax the building’s high limit. The safe industrial land was granted at a high price, which is expected to drive the industrial atmosphere in the area and enhance the reconstruction value of the industrial building.

Fanling Anle Village Industrial Zone is adjacent to Luen Wo Hui. It is about 7 to 10 minutes walk from Fanling Railway Station. The industrial area is about 3.51 million square feet. It consists of 98 industrial buildings and more than 20 open space and temporary funds held by the government. The parking lot is composed of more than half of the industrial buildings in the district for the development of warehouses and storage. The vacancy rate is about 5%. More than 70% of the industrial buildings are single ownership. Many of them are over 30 years old and have potential for reconstruction.

Anle Village wide ceiling encourages owners to rebuild

In the previous year, the Planning Department conducted a review on the development of Fan Lok Estate. It is considered to be a major employment belt in the North District. It can be used in future with the Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Areas to provide employment opportunities for the surrounding residents. The Planning Department decided to maintain the site for industrial development and completed the revision of the Outline Zoning Plan to include three articles on the industrial zone. The terms include the height limit of the building, which is 25 meters above the main level, relaxed to 65 meters (excluding the basement), and secondly the calculation of the public parking area into the plot ratio, and the use of art studios for industrial purposes. Common uses and increased development flexibility to encourage industrial owners in the district to rebuild their properties.

The industrial street of the safe street approved during the quarter is formerly an open-air parking lot. The building can be built up to 65 meters, and the building can be built with an area of ​​about 200,000 square feet. It is won by the Yijing Group for 73.29 million yuan. The land price of 3,617 yuan set a new high for the industrial sector in Hong Kong. It is expected to develop industrial logistics and other uses. There will also be a public car park with no less than 118 parking spaces.

Safe Street Industrial Land

In recent years, the traffic and logistics between the two places have increased. The location of the site is also very convenient. It is also convenient to go to Sheung Shui, Lok Ma Chau and Wong Kuk, and the height and use of the site have been relaxed to enhance the development potential. I believe that It can further increase the industrial atmosphere of the area. In fact, most of the industrial buildings in the area are mainly used by manufacturers. For example, Kerry Warehouse (Fanling 1), 39 Anlemen Street, Kerry Logistics, currently has only 5 floors and a total floor area of ​​28.4. 10,000 square feet; Chevalier International (00025) also holds the warehouse building at No. 3, Anfu Street, Anle Village, with a five-storey building covering approximately 120,000 square feet of floor space. After the Government has relaxed the restrictions on industrial development in the region, it is estimated that it will be beneficial to the redevelopment or modification of the property, which will benefit many industrial building owners.