Dong Tao Court sells new indicators for Wanqi

In the home market, there is no fear of static market in the absence of the market. The third floor of Block B, Tung Tao Court, Tsuen Wan, has a usable area of ​​406 square meters. The principle is two rooms. It is registered for sale at $69.5 million. The price is about $17,118. The housing estate has a new record.

Dong Tao Court only recorded a free market transaction for the premium this year.

Jinfeng Court earned 4.9 million in ten years

Hong Chi Property Leung Chi-ting said that the site was the first sale of the free market in the housing market. Since the market has always been rare, the flats are only looking at the building, but the buyers are still taking the high price. At present, there is only one surplus in the market. It is a high-rise five-room apartment in Block D. The premium is even sold at $11.5 million. The utility area is 666 square meters, each side is about 17,000. Two hundred and sixty-seven yuan.

Despite the recent price cuts in the market, the price of quality HOS flats is still high. Century 21 Qifengzhuang Ruisheng revealed that the high-rise nine rooms of Block D of Jinfengyuan, Ma’anshan, with a practical area of ​​636 square meters, enjoy the full sea view, and the price of the second market is not worth the price of 6.73 million yuan. In three months, the buyer was finally bought for $6,688,000. The market in the same market was a new high with a price of about $10,516.

The original owner purchased it at $17.84 million in 2008 and earned about $4.91 million in the ten-year holding of the goods.