Scorpio mainland customers 8 years of eclipse

The prospects of the property market are unclear, and some owners are willing to ruin the goods. The single owner of the Zurich Road in Sheung Shui, which is owned by the mainland owners, was registered for sale at a price of $38.8 million. Compared with the purchase price of $54.31 million in 2010, the price fell by $15.51 million or nearly 29% in eight years. If it is calculated together with the printing fee and commission, it is expected that the “loss of hand” will exceed $18 million, which is a case of a larger residential eclipse in recent years.

Haishu Huating reduced 2.2 million hands

The practical area of ​​the bungalow is 2,454 square meters, and the price is only 15,811 yuan. The double-storey house adjacent to the site has a saleable area of ​​2,487 square meters. It was sold by the developer for 60.62 million yuan in April last year, and the price was 24,375 yuan.

Featured households have always been sought after, but they have recently been sold at a discount. Li Jinge Huang Jingyan said that the top floor of the 2nd floor of the Haishu Huating in the same district has a total of 856 square meters. The price is reduced by 2.2 million yuan or about 15% after the bargaining price, and the resale price is 12.8 million yuan. About 14,953 yuan. The buyer is a mainlander, and the buyer has to pay a stamp duty of 1.92 million yuan.

Shangdi silver main plate sold flat 11%

In addition, the Discovery Bay on Lantau Island is also sold under the low price of the main silver plate. The unit is a middle-level house of 2 Champa-Pere, with a saleable area of ​​904 square feet. The price is 8.5 million yuan for auction and sold for 9.25 million yuan. The price is 10,232. yuan. It is understood that the current price is 11% lower than the valuation of about 10.4 million yuan.