Shun Tak Centre’s price is only 26,000

A Grade A office building on Hong Kong Island recorded low-cost transactions. A mid-level household in the West Block of Shun Tak Centre in Sheung Wan was launched yesterday through a private auction. The asking price was $60 million and the transaction was $64 million. The property area was about 2,421 square feet and the transaction price was only about $26,435.

According to Zeng Jiejun of Central Asia Auction, the above-mentioned office property belongs to the owner’s plate and enjoys partial sea view. However, due to the incomplete property, the transaction price has a large discount to the market price. Looking up the information, most of the sales price of the building in this year was also maintained at 30,000 yuan or above. For example, a medium-to-high-rise unit with an area of about 2,062 square feet, with a price of $63 million in February, was sold at a price of 30,553 yuan.

Kwai Chung Demolition Industry Building 25% annual eclipse

In addition, the case of the Kwai Chung Demolition Industrial Building is eclipsed. Iwork, a double-number studio on the 3rd floor of Jinfu Industrial Building, was auctioned by the bank at a price of 800,000 yuan and was sold by the buyer to 960,000 yuan. The unit area is about 267 square meters, and the transaction price is 3,596 yuan. It is understood that the original owner of the property purchased the unit at 1.288 million yuan in June last year, that is, the depreciation of the new unit accounted for more than 25%.