More than a thousand gangs have been on the market.

In recent years, the government has accelerated the promotion of land. Among them, there are several large-scale development projects launched in recent years, such as Sunrise Kangcheng and Kai Tak. There are several large-cap stocks that have not yet applied for pre-sales. The market is expected to become the most potential project for the number of spin-off periods.

There will be a number of new applications for pre-sales in Tseung Kwan O, including Phase One and Phase 9 of Wheelock Properties, Phase 8 and Phase 9 of Cheung Kong, and Phase 10 of Nan Fung and Phase 1 of Shek Kiu Road adjacent to Kowloon. On the 3rd, etc., the gangs are all over a thousand gangs, and there is definitely the potential to open up different periods to apply for pre-sales. Zhongkang Kangcheng Phases 7 and 9 are all over a large number of large projects. The seventh phase consists of two high-rise buildings, providing about 1,100 people. It has the opportunity to apply for the new pre-sale of pre-sales in the district. plate.

Shijiao Road offers 1518 people

There are also new buildings in Shek Kok Road on the side of Lok Kwong Estate which are being built in full swing. The 1st to 3rd Shek Kok Road residential projects provide a total of 1518 flats. It is expected to be the largest new development in the district. It also has the opportunity to apply in the short term. Pre-sale.

In addition, the Kai Tak Development Area is also the future focus of the new market. In the past few years, the Government has launched the Kai Ning site. Apart from the projects already on sale, there are still 7 residential sites which have been approved but have not yet applied for pre-sales. Six of them are expected to apply for pre-sale in the short term, which is expected to involve about 6,000 people, which will become the focus of the market.

Chen Chaoguo, managing director of Savills Valuation and Professional Consultant, said that after the government has stipulated tenders and sells single-selling flats, the number of partners must be more than 20%, which is expected to speed up the sale of large-scale real estate projects. It is necessary to sell 20% of the units, while the districts with more supply, large projects may also be split for different periods. He expects that the situation will have a greater impact on the luxury residential market. In the case of a concentrated supply of luxury homes, the developer may accelerate the pace of sales by the attitude of reluctance to sell in the past, and the bidding will not be as aggressive as ever.