China Merchants Landmark Nanjing Changmao develops Nanjing residential land

China Merchants Landmark Nanjing Changmao develops Nanjing residential land

China Merchants Land (0978) re-purchased Nanjing Land Reserve. China Merchants Land announced that it will jointly develop Nanjing 2018G52 land with Nanjing Changmao through the project company. The land will be invested by Nanjing Changmao for RMB 670 million (RMB; the same below), and the company will need to invest in the capital injection and loan. The total investment was about 694 million yuan and was funded by internal resources. The land area covers a total area of ​​21,700 square meters, which is a 70-year residential land with a floor area ratio of no more than 2.5 times.

5 months to purchase Nanjing 4 land

In fact, China Merchants Land has frequently purchased Nanjing land bank since August this year, including the Yuhuatai site in August, and introduced partners including Zhengrong (6158); in October, it won the Nanjing 2018G43 land, and Introduced Nanjing Transportation Co-investment and Development; and invested in Nanjing Dingjiazhuang Trading Co., Ltd. in October to develop Nanjing commercial land indirectly held by the company.

China Merchants Land has invested in Nanjing Land for four months, and it is related to the company’s revised non-competition deed with China Merchants Shekou. It has established that the company will focus on Guangzhou, Foshan, Nanjing and Jurong Development Real Estate; it is concentrated in Beijing. Office property asset managers in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and serviced apartment operators in Hong Kong.

Xintian’s company wins Yangzhou commercial land

Xintian Real Estate (0760) announced that its postal city has invested in commercial and commercial land in Yangzhou City with a land price of 326.4 million yuan and a site area of ​​247,000 square meters. Upon completion, it will become the largest comprehensive trade show center for farmers in the Suzhong area. BCL (2868) also announced that it will acquire 30% of the commercial and residential land in Jiulongpo District of Chongqing, with a consideration of RMB 103,700, and the first investment of RMB 69.574 million for the project. At the same time, the Group will provide additional loans to the project totaling no more than RMB 73 million and an annual interest rate of 10% for the development of land.