The core hub of Kowloon’s transportation is well-equipped and complete

The core hub of Kowloon’s transportation is well-equipped and complete.

From the docks and factories in the past, Hung Hom has rapidly developed into today’s middle-class community. In recent years, the mid-line effect of the Tiesha and the Kwun Tong extension have been opened. The area is constantly changing. The pace of some redevelopment projects has also accelerated. A number of new private residences have been completed, which has gradually transformed the Hung Hom into a railway concept. The community has become an emerging hot spot for many Hong Kong people to board and rent buildings.

Railways are maturing, running through China and Hong Kong

After years of development, the railway facilities of Hung Hom have become more and more perfect. The successive MTR networks have also been expanded. The Hummer Line, which runs through Tuen Mun and Ma On Shan, will pass through Ho Man Tin, Song Wong Tai and other stations, as well as the Shatin Line which is being built. Bay Station, in fact, makes Hung Hom a transportation hub in Kowloon. In addition, Hung Hom and the Mainland’s traffic are gradually merging. It can quickly reach West Kowloon Station via the Hummer Line and transfer to the high-speed rail to reach major cities in the Mainland. From West Kowloon Station to Shenzhen Futian and Shenzhen North, the journey takes about 14 and 19 minutes. It takes only about 47 minutes to get to Guangzhou South, and it is convenient to travel to and from the mainland to enjoy the advantages of the two railways.

Prosperous life support

To be an ideal residential community, life support is also an important part. In fact, there are indeed a lot of shopping malls in the area of ​​Hung Hom District. It is only a few minutes drive from the shopping and shopping centres of Whampoa Garden. The bustling Mong Kok District in the vicinity is not worth mentioning. Kowloon City is also a place where restaurants can meet the needs of everyday life. Hung Hom is also known as one of the best schools in Hong Kong. The prestigious schools in the district include the La Salle College, Diocesan Boys’ College, Xie En Middle School and Pei Ching Middle School. Parents are absolutely unsuccessful. It is worth mentioning that the Government has been working hard to develop a new core business district in Kowloon East in recent years, and attaches great importance to the Kai Tak Development Area. The scale is twice that of the existing Central, except for government agencies, residential, commercial and community projects, tourism, Greening, cultural recreation and other facilities are also available, making the development of supporting communities around Hung Hom more mature and more promising.

Located in the central location, enjoy the location of the Shuanggang Railway Station

The combination of multiple livable advantages in one place has certainly become the focus of developers. Henderson Land (0012)’s Hung Hom project “Starting Shore" is the first new launch of the group this year. Kaiping is located at No. 63, Matouwei Road. It is a large-scale single-family commercial and residential project with 551 sets. The apartment is open plan to two rooms with a usable area of ​​170 to 425 square feet. The biggest feature of Kai On is the penthouse clubhouse, which is based on the design of the cruise ship. It has a view of the cruise terminal and the Victoria Harbour. It also has a 25-meter infinity pool, poolside cinema, sunbathing gallery and sky fitness room. The star-rated facilities are full of distinguished style, and together with the food street concept of the pedestal shopping mall, it is one of the new landmarks in the district. In addition, the developer is near the MTR Ho Man Tin Station. The developer has only tested the ground test for only 6 minutes. At the same time, it is adjacent to the Shatin Railway Station in the middle of the construction. The distance is closer and the advantages of the Shuanggang Station can be enjoyed in the future.