Jia Hui Xuan alternative disk 8.8 million price tag

Jia Hui Xuan alternative disk 8.8 million price tag

The property market has once again fallen into a frenzy. Under normal circumstances, “alternative goods" that require a low market price of more than 15% can be sold to the market price. A single-story unit separated from the site of a sensational murder case that occurred more than four years ago. It was sold for less than one month and was also accepted by the buyer at a market price of $8.8 million. The price was over $20,000. It has been a new high since September last year. In Tsing Yi District, which has been raging in the past few days, it is rare to record three cases of the same floor units in five days. The cost is also priced at the market price.

In November 2014, Jiahuixuan had a murderous double corpse murder case. A British-born financial talent in the high-rise 9-room apartment rented by him had killed two women. The case was a sensation in the city. After more than four years, according to the news, the 8th floor of the unit on the first floor is in the same orientation. The practical area is 438 square meters. The room is separated by a price of 9.5 million yuan on the 12th of last month. The release is less than one month. Recently, the price was reduced by 700,000 yuan (about 7.4%), and it was sold for 8.8 million yuan. The price of the transaction was $1,1, and the transaction price was the highest in the housing market after the market in September last year. The original owner purchased $7.45 million in 2009 and the book value rose by 1.35 million yuan (about 18.1%).

Looking up the information, Jia Hui Xuan is a high-rise 2 room with a practical area of ​​422 square meters. It belongs to the normal unit. It was transferred to 8.8 million yuan in September last year, and the price was 20,853 yuan. The above-mentioned double corpse murder case was on the first floor of the building. It is only about 3.7% lower, reflecting the latest transaction close to the market price.

The agent said that the recent market is booming. “Except for the owners who have made money, etc., most of the (owners) are asking for a good price," so that the owners of alternative units are not willing to provide too much bargaining power, creating a price for alternative units. Market price situation.

Since the 3rd of this month, the Tsing Yi Greenfield Garden and Mei King Garden have also recorded three shards in the same floor. The construction price is also close to the market price. Room B, Low Floor, Block 4, Greenfield Garden, was murdered as a murderer by a resident in the apartment. However, the adjacent Room A was sold out at $6.85 million yesterday. The cost was actually estimated at $6.44 million from HSBC. 6.4%.

The unit has a saleable area of ​​501 square meters, and the price is 13673 yuan. Compared with the 9 middle-floor A-room two-bedroom normal units (utility area 451 square meters), the price of the book was 14146 yuan, which was only about 3.3% lower. The original owner purchased 742,244 yuan as early as 1989, and the book value increased by 6,017,756 yuan (about 8.2 times).

The Green House Garden is adjacent to the high estimate of 6%

It is understood that the buyers who purchased the same-storey households in the Greenfield Garden at the near market price were for the change of customers. When they negotiated with the original owners for a long time, they were put on the transaction by the original owners. However, the latter was forced to impress the latter. .

In addition, luxury home buyers have also accelerated their entry into the market with “zero bargaining". Midland Property Manager Shi Tiwen said that the low-rise Room B, Block 5, Optimus Peninsula, Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon Station, has a saleable area of ​​625 square feet. Ten thousand yuan was sold out, and the price was 28,800 yuan. The same room on the upper floor of the 20th floor last month was changed to 17.98 million yuan on the 28th, meaning that it was only about one week apart, and the low-level cost has surpassed the high-level households. The original owner invested 6.5 million yuan in 2009 to purchase the aforementioned low-level units, earning 11.5 million yuan