25 large-sized property sales for 11.8 billion, or 62% for rebuilding houses

25 large-sized property sales for 11.8 billion, or 62% for rebuilding houses.

The property market has rapidly regained its upward trend. The comprehensive market and real estate agency news, from the year-to-date, a total of at least 25 investment projects of over 100 million yuan or redevelopment of land have been put on the market for sale, with a total value of over 11.8 billion yuan, of which 8 are all residential or The land with rebuilt residential value involves a total market value of about 7.37 billion yuan, accounting for about 62% of the total value. The industry believes that the situation reflects the improvement of the residential property market, and some owners are rushing to ship.

According to the agency and market information, since January 1 this year, a number of investment properties have been put on the market for sale or sold as tenders, including 2 full-family houses, 2 commercial and residential properties and 6 land with rebuilt residential values. , 8 shops and 7 industrial properties. The properties are valued at a valuation or asking price, with a total value of approximately 11.841 billion yuan.

Southern District Mingyuan estimates the closing of the end of 3.5 billion

Among the properties on sale, 8 are whole-family homes or projects with redevelopment value. The total market value is about 7.37 billion yuan. Based on the total market value of the 25 properties, the whole residential building can be redeveloped into residential land. Overall 62.2%. The highest valuation is the senior investor and the Chairman of the Keda Group, Tang Junming, the property of Mingyuan Building, 121 Repulse Bay Road, South Island, Hong Kong Island. It is now commissioned by DTZ Debenham Tie Leung, with a valuation of about 3.2 billion to 3.5 billion yuan. Daily closing. In addition to the entire building, the property can be redeveloped to provide 11 luxury residential projects with a floor area of ​​approximately 36,000 square feet.

In addition, the entire building of the Kowloon Tong luxury mansion, which is held by the investors, has also been commissioned by DTZ. The estimated market value is 880 million yuan.

For the redevelopment of residential land, the total value of the site is $2.99 ​​billion. It is mainly for urban small and medium-sized land, which is distributed in the Eastern Mid-Levels, Happy Valley, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon Tong and Tsuen Wan. More than 94,000 square feet of land are on sale. There were also 8 tenders or put-offs for retail properties with a total asking price of 2.23 billion yuan. They were mainly located in the people’s livelihood consumption areas such as North Point and Mei Fung New Village in Lai Chi Kok. No flats were available for sale. In addition, what is more special is that there are currently no commercial buildings or tiered office units in the market.

The property market has started to fall since August last year. The newspaper reported that there were about 25 investment properties in over two billion yuan or redevelopment sites in the two months. The market value of the properties at the time was about 12.855 billion yuan. It is worth noting that the total number of commercial or stratified office units was 8 in the sale and 7 in the retail properties. However, the whole building did not show any release.

Commercial building “Fried Dragon" must be back

Senior surveyor Zhang Zhichu pointed out that the property market is recovering faster than expected. “The original estimate is that the first quarter will stop falling, but the home price has risen.", attracting individual investors or owners to launch the market. Residential properties are on sale.

Zhang Zhichu believes that due to the better property market, small and medium-sized developers hope to absorb land reserves for development. However, the government has launched a small number of official sites. In the absence of too many choices, it is necessary to hunt for treasures in the private market. Located in the urban area, the development is more flexible and is expected to be more popular in the market. As for the large-scale commercial listings that have not been seen this year, Zhang Zhichu estimates that due to the high price of commercial buildings before the construction, the rents are difficult to catch up. The recent investment sentiment is weakening and “needs to regain".