In the second quarter of the year, 11,000 new gangs can be pushed.

Property prices have rebounded, and with the vacant tax, developers are actively promoting the market. Nearly 11,000 new players can be pushed this quarter, accounting for about one-third of the annual sales, of which 5 are over a thousand. The large-scale new flats, the South West Kowloon Hui Yi III and the Tuen Mun Tsui Tsui Tsui Road project are the most eye-catching.

According to the statistics of this newspaper, the first-hand new disk that is expected to be sold in the second quarter involves at least 11,000 people, involving about 17 projects. It is calculated by the new disk of about 30,000 people that are expected to be sold throughout the year. The amount of push is about one third. At least five of the second quarters are large-scale projects offering more than a thousand people, and their pricing has become more or less the indicator of the market.

Evergrande’s wat project

The second quarter of the year was mainly concentrated in the New Territories and Kowloon. China Evergrande (03333) was the first residential project in Hong Kong. The first phase of Phase 2 and 2 of the Tuen Mun Tung Chui Road project in Tuen Mun, which was approved earlier. Uncompleted flats mean that they can be attacked at any time in the short term. In the two phases, a total of 1,982 people will be provided. This is the largest project of the year. The Yijing Tai Po Baishijiao Hairiwan II also uploaded a book in the near future, which is expected to be on sale in the short term.

In addition, some of the urban and railway large-scale new markets have the opportunity to start selling in the second quarter, including SHKP (00016), South West Kowloon, San Francisco III, Wheelock Properties, Tseung Kwan O, Phase 7A and 7B, and Kwong International (00173). The Kai Tak Project and Cheung Sha (01113) have a new scale in Hoi Wan Street, Cheung Sha Wan. Apart from a certain scale, the various types of flats are also diversified. They mainly provide small and medium-sized flats. I believe that they will become the focus of the market.

The recent new market is no longer selling at a low market price.

In addition to small and medium-sized residential properties, there are also four luxury homes in the second quarter. The market is notable for the Hong Kong Island 3 luxury residential projects, the Jardine’s Hill Emperor, the Eastern Mid-Levels Stubbs Road Phase 1 and the Mid-Levels Central Road, Phase 1 However, due to the small number of units offered by this type of luxury home, the silver code is large, and the push-pull method is different from that of small and medium-sized houses. Developers tend to launch small-scale bidding and sell at a good price, which will create a high price at any time.

In fact, at the beginning of the first quarter, some new discs were launched at a low market price of 30% to 40%. As the property market gradually rebounded and recovered, developers have gradually changed the low market price push strategy following the market conditions. Recently, a number of new discs, such as Hung Hom, have been launched. Kai’an, Ma Taujiao, Shangjiao, North Point, Weifeng, Changsha Bay, etc., developers have adopted the market price or even slightly higher market price, and the subsequent push unit even increased the price by more than 10%, reflecting The developer’s push confidence increased.

The industry believes that as the market conditions continue to heat up, the first-quarter market in the second quarter believes that it is difficult to re-enact the situation of a large low market price. The market price is believed to be the mainstream, and some small-scale new ones may even be launched at market prices.