Tung Chung forced a hundred transactions last month, 3 years, a new monthly high

Tung Chung forced a hundred transactions last month, 3 years, a new monthly high

Second-hand trading activity is active. Following Tseung Kwan O’s second-hand trading in March, nearly 300 cases. After hitting a new high in recent years, Tung Chung’s second-hand trading was also close to 100 levels, and the transaction volume hit a three-year high. Wu Huibin, the sales manager of Midland Branch, said that as of yesterday afternoon, about 97 second-hand transactions were recorded in Tung Chung District, which was doubled from February. Among them, 12 high-rise rooms in Yingwan Park, Room 565, which is a two-room interval. Recently, it changed hands by RMB 6.92 million, and realized RMB 12,248. The transaction price was the same as the new high in the past six months. The original owner bought it for 2.43 million yuan in 2008, holding the goods for 11 years, and the book profit was 4.49 million yuan or 1.8 times. In fact, last April was the most frequent second-hand transaction month in the district last year. Only about 73 transactions were recorded in the month.

The subsidized housing has also been repeatedly recorded. The market reported that the 21st floor of the middle floor of Anjiang Building in Chang’an Village, Tsing Yi, is a practical 489 square. It has recently changed hands to 3.65 million yuan (not replenished land price), and it is 7746 yuan. The premium was a new high. The original owner bought it in 2002 with a price of 222,100 yuan (not replenished land), and the book profit was more than 3.42 million yuan or 15.4 times.

Chang’an Village did not pay the price of 7464 yuan to break the top

Another senior regional manager of Cheung Yip Estate, Mr Wong Wai-man, said that there was a three-storey high-rise building at Block O, Tin Shui Court, Tin Shui Wai. It was a practical 592 sq ft (Building 793 sq ft), which was a three-bedroom interval and was received by Green Watch for $4.51 million (not replenished land premium). In fact, it is 7618 yuan (5687 yuan for Jianye), and the price of the house is the highest in the second market. The original owner bought in the year of 814,300 yuan (not paid land premium) and earned more than 3.69 million yuan 4.5 times.

Tsui Wan Tsui Fung Terrace recorded the first 10 million yuan transaction. The Chief Joint Regional Manager of the United States, Leung Chung-wai, said that the five-storey H-room of Cuifengtai, the practical 630 square, is a three-bedroom interval, and recently changed hands by RMB 10.4 million. The original owner bought 4.35 million yuan in 2010, and the book profit was 6.05 million yuan or 1.4 times. The sale of the peak price in the estate was recorded in July last year. At that time, the five middle-class households changed hands with $9.8 million. The new transaction price pushed the housing record up by $600,000 or 6.1%.

Cui Fengtai’s first record of 10 million transactions

In addition, in the Central Plains statistics, 13 transactions were recorded in the top ten housing estates in the past weekend, an increase of 1 or 8.3% from the 12 transactions last weekend. According to the statistics of the United States, the top ten housing estates recorded about 13 transactions on weekends. Although they were reduced by 2 cases or down 13.3% from 15 cases recorded last weekend, they still recorded double digits for 7 consecutive weekends.