Nearly 30% of the first-hand sales in the first quarter sold more than 1480 people

Nearly 30% of the first-hand sales in the first quarter sold more than 1480 people. More than a thousand people were added in the fourth quarter of last year.

In the first quarter of this year, more than 5,500 transactions were made, a record high in more than two years. It is worth noting that apart from the resumption of the property market, there is also a certain relationship with the developers who have successfully changed their sales. According to the statistics of the newspaper, there were about 46 major new discs in the first quarter of this year. More than 1480 gangs were sold by tendering method (that is, there was no published price list), accounting for about 27% of the total transaction volume in the same period, not only in the fourth quarter of last year. The tender sale of about 450 gangs increased by more than 1,000 cadres, which was also about 14% of the total turnover of about 3270 gangs, an increase of about 13 percentage points quarter-to-quarter. Ming Pao reporter

In the first quarter of this year, the first-hand trading volume was prosperous. During the period, the overall turnover was over 5,500. In March, the first-hand market recorded nearly 2,800 transactions, which was second only to the record of nearly 3,500 in September 2016, a two-and-a-half-year high. In the first quarter of this year, the most popular developers in the market are selling tenders, which are usually used only when they are used to sell luxury houses or special households with large silver codes, so that buyers can buy their own products. The newspaper found that the current form of tendering for sale has been extended to new small and medium-sized units with a total value of more than $3 million to over $6 million, including Jiujian (0034), Hung Hom, East Coast, Yau Tong Hai Wan, and investor Luhua. The company’s development of Sham Shui Po AVA 228, Chuang Shi Agency (0367) Tuen Mun Choi Hai, China Metallurgical Real Estate Tsing Lung Yi • Liwan and so on.

13 percentage points higher than the fourth quarter of last year

In addition, there are many new markets in the market, including Cheung Kong (1113) Repulse Bay Road No. 90, Nan Fung Deep Water Bay Trail No. 8, and CITIC Pacific Ho Man Tin KADOORIA. The above properties are all positioned as super luxury homes. The sales situation basically does not exceed 10 people. It is worth noting that although in the first quarter of this year, there is no shortage of bills of sale and tenders for the sale of new flats (see table), but large-scale real estates are only sold in tenders, including the Bairijiao Hairiwan in Yijing Tai Po. Since the end of last year, it has only been tendered for sale, during which more than 290 people were sold (about 160 of them sold in the first quarter of this year).

More than 3 million New Territories on the market are also tender for sale

In the fourth quarter of last year, there were about 26 major new discs. They sold in the form of tenders. During the period, more than 450 people were sold, accounting for 14% of the total of 3,270 people in the fourth quarter of last year. In the first quarter of this year, the number of major new sales in the form of tenders increased to about 46. During the period, more than 1480 trades were sold, accounting for over 27% of the total trading volume. If the number of units sold by tender is increased by more than two times in quarter, if it is proportional, it will increase by about 13 percentage points quarter by quarter.

More than 5,500 people in the first quarter, more than two years high

Zhongxindi (0016) is the most active developer to tender for clearance, involving at least 9 properties; in addition to the southern district SHOUSON PEAK, Ho Man Tin Tin Cast, North Point Haitang and other luxury homes, Tai Po Baishijiao Yunhui, Tseung Kwan O Day Large-scale real estate projects such as Kangcheng Jinhai II and Yuen Long Kam Tin PARK YOHO series also joined the bidding, making the total number of units listed in the above 9 properties more than 570, accounting for 40% of the total number of units sold in the first quarter. . Xinyi, the deputy general manager of the company, explained that some buyers do not want to enter the ticket, draw lots, and hope to buy the unit directly, so they will be sold in the form of tenders and will be diverted from the public offering unit.

Industry worry bidding continues to affect the transparency of sales

Liao Weiqiang, the president of Lijiage Real Estate, believes that the benefit of the new tender offer is that the price is high. “The price will be recovered and the developer can avoid being accused of “opening the wrong price" because of the low price." He continued that in the first quarter of the overall first-hand transaction, more than 27% of the sold units were sold through tenders. The proportion is still reasonable. However, if the unit sales volume accounts for 50% of the total transaction volume, the buyer may think that there will be more new orders. It is not transparent unless it is sold in the mode of entering the standard. It does not rule out that the government will regulate it. Member of the Legislative Council, Mr Kwok Wing-kwai, has questioned the Administration whether it will make provision for the public offering, the proportion of tendering units or the minimum number in each round of sales arrangements. The Secretary for Transport and Housing, Mr Chan, responded that there is no plan at the new stage. The number, proportion and number of units to be sold in the form of tenders are stipulated. Only the developers are required to tender for the sale of flats.