Kwai Chung combination house refused to apply for family

Kwai Chung combination house refused to apply for family

The Social Welfare Scheme is planned to be built in Yeung Shing Street, Kwai Chung. Due to its location in the industrial zone, the Social Welfare Association said that for the sake of safety, applications with children are not accepted. All 100 units are for adults only. The Kwai Chung Squatter Residents Major League submitted a petition letter to the HKCSS yesterday requesting an increase of 3 to 4 family flats to meet the demand.

Group promotion society increased 4 units

The existing site of Yecheng Street is a temporary land for government. 100 and 1, 2 people are expected to accommodate 120 people. Construction will be carried out next year and will be occupied in 2021. In response to the enquiry, the Social Welfare Association stated that due to safety concerns, this project does not accept applications from families with children in the family. If the applicant has 3 to 4 adult members, they will be given two units depending on the situation.

Mr. Lai, a coalition representative who has worked for 40 years at the construction site, is unable to work due to work-related injuries. At present, he and his 10-year-old daughter and family of three rely on his wife’s monthly income of 7,000 yuan and his savings. He is the 120-year-old house in the Kwai Chung Tang House. Rent 6,000 yuan, so you can only eat canned and fast expired food to save money. They have been waiting for public housing for five years. The squatter was particularly tormented during the hot summer days. Mr. Lai said: “The whole body bites to the broken hand and hurts the mouse." He hopes to improve the environment as soon as possible in the combination house, but it is not eligible because of the child.

The Alliance refers to the existing 92,700 housing estates in Hong Kong. However, the number of social housing units is less than 1,000. It has not alleviated the urgent needs of the grassroots. It urges the Government to increase the number of family flats and as soon as possible to wait for public housing applicants to go upstairs to improve their living environment.