Yuen Long313 buddy is expected to be pre-sold within two weeks

Yuen Long313 buddy is expected to be pre-sold within two weeks

In June, developers are actively deploying a new round of push. New World (00017), a new project at No. 99, 18 Township Road, Yuen Long, is named . It is expected to sell floor paper within two weeks, the fastest this month. For sale, the project provides 313 gangs, the most detailed unit of 230 square meters, the main one-bedroom, accounting for about 46%.

Huang Haoxian, Director of New World Development Business and Marketing, said that he expects to sell the floor paper within two weeks. After approval, the building will be uploaded and the open demonstration unit will be launched in the short term. The sale will be carried out within the shortest month. The project has 313 units, ranging from open to 3 bedrooms, with a saleable area of ​​230 to 577 square meters, and a main room, accounting for about 46%. It is expected to attract young customers and investors. It is expected to be completed by the end of March 2021.

Mr Wong continued to claim that the first batch of materials was sold at “collection price”. If the collection is satisfactory, it does not rule out the full sale. The Group’s sales performance in the first half of this year is satisfactory. This year, about 620 people will be cashed in, and nearly 6.5 billion yuan will be cashed. It is expected that the group will reach 1,000 people by the end of this month. The group will sell 3 projects this year, which is expected to be completed early, and the sales pressure in the future will be small. In the second half of the year, the main force to sell the cargo tail units, about 150 people, including 67 in the North Point, Bai Weishan, and about 79 in the Saigon Clear Water Bay. He said that the stock market is unstable recently, but the rigid demand is still very strong. The small and medium-sized projects that have been sold in the near future are ideally sold and have confidence in the market outlook.

240 units of Unit 8 of Deep Water Bay Trail

The new disk was sold in a large amount. Nanfeng’s South District Super Real Estate Project, No. 8 Shenshuiwan Trail, sold a B-room on the 8th floor with a price of 2.446752 billion yuan. The usable area was 3,641 square feet and the price was 67,200 yuan. Another Lai Sun Development (00488) also sold Tseung Kwan O Lan Tong Ao 3 in the past two days, with a total of more than $138.9 million.

K. Wah International (00173) Kowloon East Tak Kai Hui has three new households in the past two days, with a total of more than 213 million yuan, including yesterday’s sale of a top floor 37 and 38 floor B-room duplex for $76.755 million; A new case was added, which was 8 rooms on the 35th floor, Room E. The buyer lost 15% of the deposit, about 1,122.6 thousand yuan. The developer immediately increased the price by 27.2%. The price increased from 9.134 million yuan to 11.616 million yuan, but the new price list. Only 1% discount is offered, which is much lower than the 15.5% discount offered in February 2017. Together with the reduction of discounts, the unit price increase is 49% in real terms and is available for sale on Saturday (8th).

Henderson Land (00012) Hong Kong Island two sets of joint pushes yesterday, including Xiying Panyi Lane. No. 1 added a new 24 price list, the first time to launch a special household, involving 5 even platform units, calculating the discount and rebate after the average price of 32024 yuan, up 5% from the previous batch, on sale 10 on Saturday Partner. Another permanent local chairman, Lee Shau Kee, holds a privately held North Point Victoria Peak. Suihui also pushed 22 gangs, with an average price of 28,971 yuan, which was 2.6% lower than the previous price list. Among them, the first-ever platform features were introduced, involving 6 gangs; the property will be sold for 12 people on Saturday.