Jinyi Times Boutique Hotel 1.2 billion sale

Jinyi Times Boutique Hotel 1.2 billion sale

The whole hotel property is rarely sold, so there is a market price. The Jihui Group, which has long held the property in the main line, also sells the Wanchai Jinyi Times Boutique Hotel at an intentional price of 1.2 billion yuan, and the bidding on July 31.

Located in No. 39 Morrison Hill Road, Wanchai, Jinyi Times Boutique Hotel is now a 26-storey hotel with a total floor area of ​​approximately 55238 square meters. A total of 98 rooms are available, with an intentional price of $1.2 billion. The intent price of the room is about 12.245 million yuan.

Yijing Plaza full floor 179 million change hands

Wen Wuzhong, chief senior director of Savills Investment, said that the property will be sold for hotel leases, hotel licenses and renovations, and is suitable for use as a hotel brand operation, cohabitation concept or long-term investment in hotels. In addition, it can be converted into a full-length office property for long-term rent collection and self-use.

According to the information, the property was originally purchased by Liao Weilin, the chairman of the senior investor Group, in 1986 for 668 million yuan, and then resold to the family’s Jihui Group at the end of 2016 for 880 million yuan. The asking price is 320 million yuan higher than three years ago. Or 36.4%.

In addition, the office market recorded a large number of transactions, sources pointed out that the 12th floor of the 2nd phase of Changsha Bay Yijing Plaza, the construction area of ​​about 11,487 square feet, with a turnover of 179.2 million yuan, the price of 15,600 yuan. The original owner was Jingrui Group. In 2014, it was purchased for 82.706 million yuan. The goods were held for 5 years, the book profit was 96.493 million yuan, and the property appreciation was about 1.2 times.

In addition, Room 4, 12th Floor, COSCO Building, Sheung Wan, has a construction area of ​​approximately 1225 square feet, with a transaction price of 39 million yuan and a price of 31,837 yuan. The original owner in 2009 reprimanded 12.62 million yuan into the market, holding goods for 10 years, earning 26.38 million yuan, or about 2.1 times.