Nearly 40% of residential sales of nearly 10 million yuan

The public’s desire to change their flats has been weak, resulting in a slowdown in turnover of over $10 million

In the month of September, a total of 278 registered second-hand residential purchases of this type were recorded, which was about 37.1% lower than the 442 cases in the same period in August. It is expected that the total monthly record will be less than 300. It will not only fall for four months, but also Create a new low this year.

The public’s desire to change their flats is weak, resulting in a slowdown in the turnover of over 20 million second-hand housing

Hong Kong Property Manager Li Zhicheng said that with the analysis of the three major regions, the number of registrations fell across the board during the period. Among them, 107 were recorded on Hong Kong Island, involving a total value of about 2.353 billion yuan, which was sharply reduced by 43.1% and 44.9% respectively. The New Territories and Kowloon District recorded 80 cases and 91 cases respectively, a decrease of about 33.9% and 31.6%.

Jiaheng Bay three rooms sold 16.88 million

Many owners are willing to reduce the price of goods in order to speed up the cash. Zhongkai Chen Kaichao said that the middle and high-rise rooms of Block 5, Jiaheng Bay, Xiwan River, with a usable area of ​​685 square meters, belong to the three-bedroom design including the suite, facing north and enjoying the sea. The original price of the previous site was 17 million yuan. After the bargaining price, the amount was changed to 16.68 million yuan, the price was 24,642 yuan, and the value of the price was 1.4 times in 12 years.

The bank’s Hu Yaozu pointed out that Ma’anshan Yinhu? Tianfeng’s 6th floor, Room D, has a practical area of ​​919 square meters. After a three-bedroom, multi-purpose room interval, after a reduction of more than 3 million yuan, the buyer was awarded 13 million yuan. The price is 14,146 yuan.

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