On the source of the discount of 1.15 million near the original price plus push on Saturday, the second round of selling 310 groups

The major banks in Hong Kong raised their prime rates (P) last week. Although they have not affected the new sales, the developers have been restrained even if they push the units to the market. After the launch of the 347-person bag in the first round of the National Day, the interior of the Vanke (Hong Kong) Tuen Mun was recently upgraded to an average of $115,000 and pushed 310 people, which is close to the original price. Some scholars pointed out that in addition to interest rate hikes affecting the development of the property market, the Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue will announce a new policy address next week, which will make developers’ sales tend to be conservative. Ming Pao reporter Xie Yingyi

When the source was opened at the end of September, the price of some units was less than 10,000 yuan for the bidding. After the first round of 347 people and a Q bag, the developers yesterday pushed 310 new gangs and arranged for the sale on Saturday. . It can be noted that the average discounted price of Shangyuan’s current batch of push units is the highest among the three published price lists, which is about 4% higher than the first price list, but mainly reflects the floor factor. The price increase; the newly added 5B Block 11th Floor, Room B, for example, the practical area is 468 square meters, the price is 6.551 million yuan, and the actual price is 13,998 yuan. Compared with the first floor price, the same room, the 10th floor, Room B, the price is 647.8. Ten thousand yuan, actually 13,842 yuan, the price difference between the two is only 1.1%.

16 people have a discounted price of less than 5 million

According to the developer, the 310 people who are promoted by Shangyuan are led by high-rise and high-rise, with a usable area of ​​335 to 829 square meters, ranging from 1 to 3 rooms. The market price is about 2.5 billion yuan, while the developer maintains 16%. Direct discounts and 1% rebate, the unit price is 4.564 million to 9.904 million yuan, the discount price is 10,200 yuan to 1.56 million yuan, and the overall discount is an average of 11,500 yuan. About 16 of them have a discount price of less than 5 million yuan. . At present, there are 657 units in Shangyuan that have already offered prices (of which 347 were sold in the first round), accounting for nearly 60% of the total number of project units of 1,154.

Scholar: Market wait and see before the policy report

The visiting professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Mr. Kwong Yu-ming, believes that the bank’s interest rate hike means that the Hong Kong may raise interest rates on a regular basis in the next two or three years. In addition, the Chief Executive will announce the policy address next week. Close to the second-hand price, you can ensure the sales, especially for small units of the general public.

Haiyao Bay’s finest features 179

Continue to have a new disk to join the October War Group; Jiujian (0034), Haitang Bay, Yau Tong, will open a demonstration unit to the media today. Yang Congyong, general manager of the company’s marketing and sales department, said that Haimao Bay will open the price within the fastest week. , plans to open for sale next week. In addition, Jiujian has uploaded the Hai Aowan Loushu book last night. The whole group is 646, divided into Blocks 1A and 1B and Block 2, the smallest area is 1A Block, 6th floor, 179 square  33 platform features The area of ​​the most standard open households is 201 square meters. Another project has 61 parking spaces.

The urban mansions continued to be accepted. Kerry (0683), a subsidiary of Ho Man Tin, sold 7 rooms on the 26th floor of Room A through tendering. The saleable area was 1477 square feet and the other 767 square vestibules were sold at a price of 88 million yuan. The real price reached 59,500 yuan, and the transaction price and the price of the price reached a new high.