Hai Ao Bay show weekend open last week push

Yau Ma Tei has joined the new competition in a short period of time. The developer posted the building book to the sales website last night. The demonstration unit was opened to the public this weekend. The first unit price level was announced this week and it is estimated that it will be released as soon as possible next week.

New project in Yau Tong

A total of 646 people, including 179 to 576 square feet, are located in Haitang Bay, a property of Jiulong Jianye (00034). It is a large-scale new project in the district. It provides small units of less than 2 bedrooms and is mainly used in the passenger market. The project includes 69 open-plan, accounting for 11%, and the most practical area is 179 square feet, which is the finest unit in the district; secondly, there are 485 units in 1 room, accounting for 75%; 92 units in 2 units, accounting for 14 %.

485 people in 1 room, accounting for 75% of the project

After the bank raised interest rates, the market was more clear, and the impact on home buyers was limited. Recently, the market has a number of new hotspots, reflecting the fact that the public has already digested the interest rate hike and stressed that Hai Ao Bay It belongs to the rare coastal project in the city, so the price will refer to the price of the first-hand building in Kai Tak District.