Tiansheng Building rents 47 Tuen Mun Private Building New Heights

Room B, Low Floor, Tiansheng Building, Tuen Mun, with a saleable area of 255 square feet, rent of 12,000 yuan, rent for 47.1 yuan, creating a new high in Tuen Mun private building. The old record is an open-connected platform. In July, it was 45.5 yuan per trip. Rent out. The owner purchased the unit for 48.30 million yuan and the rental return was nearly 3%.

Secondly, the lower floor D room of Xiying Panyu has a practical area of 213 square feet. It is open-planned and rented out for 175,000 yuan. The rent is 82.2 yuan. It is reported that the landlord is a big-handed investor and has purchased 25 projects for 210 million yuan. The above unit price is 5.485 million yuan, and the return is about 3.8 percent.