Jardine’s Hill Shengyuan Building 820 million sales

The land of the mansion is hard to find, and now the entire building of the Jardine Garden in the Jardine’s Lookout is priced at 820 million yuan.

Wei Weixin, Director of Property Development and Investment of Surveyor, said that he was commissioned by the owner to sell the entire building of Shengyuan, No. 4, Rucheng Road, Jardine’s Lookout. The property is now a 6-storey mansion with a total floor area of approximately 7,304 square feet. There is also a parking space. The site area is about 13,109 square feet. It is currently planned to be “Residential (Group C) 2″. The maximum plot ratio is 0.75 times. It will be sold at the current level and 100% of the title. The intention price is 820 million yuan, and the land price is about 83,000 yuan. Yuan, the closing date is October 31 (Wednesday).