The top ten “Shen” Shenqiang shots have a valuation of over 1.5 billion

The hilltop estates are rare. The ten-storey old mansion on the Peak Road near Ho Tung Garden is led by Huaxia Real Estate (00278) and 15 owners have applied for a strong auction. The property valuation is over $1.5 billion to redevelop the floor area of ​​30,000 square feet. The trick is that the price is nearly 50,000 yuan.

In recent years, the mountain has repeatedly recorded more than a single large amount of sales, driving the owners of old luxury homes in the region to seek reconstruction and appreciation. Located at 10th Street, No. 81-95, the property was completed in 1949. It is 69 years old and is one of the oldest mansions in the district. The project was planned to be jointly sold in the middle of last year. At that time, the market was valued at about 3 billion. Yuan, but ultimately failed to sell successfully, recently a number of owners jointly applied to the Lands Tribunal for a strong shot.

Set 81% of the ownership, the remaining 4 groups did not join

Ten rooms now offer 20 tiered homes and 30 parking spaces, with owners being celebrities and professionals. There are 16 groups of applicants who apply for strong shooting, including Huaxia Real Estate, YGM Trading (00375) related persons, former political assistants of the Hong Kong Financial Affairs and Treasury Bureau, Ba Jie sweet and vinegar too children Wu Jiexuan, and a number of senior lawyers, and construction The division and so on, a total of 81.36% of the title.

At present, the remaining four residential and parking space owners have not joined, including the former president of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the founder of China Infrastructure Group Zhou Guanghui, the lawyers Hershey and the bank class.

The valuation report shows that the project site area is about 61,400 square feet and is rebuilt at a maximum plot ratio of 0.5 times. The floor can be built up to nearly 31,000 square feet. The current valuation of the project is 1.53 billion yuan. The floor price is nearly 50,000 yuan. .

In fact, the hilltop housing estates have been sought after by the mainland’s richest people. For example, the Hedong Garden adjacent to the project is located in Zhongyu Land (01224). Zhang Songqiao related people bought in 2015 with a bid of 5.1 billion yuan, and the price was 82,000 yuan. And the domestic housing Hongrongyuan Group spent 3 billion yuan this year to buy the No. 37 housing estate in Baijiadao, and the price is also nearly 300,000 yuan.

On the other hand, the consortium accelerated the acquisition of old buildings in the urban area. New World (00017) and the consortium are acquiring the North Point Royal Theatre Building, of which the lower floor H room, with an area of ​​700 square feet, was sold at a price of $14.7 million, compared with last year’s closing price. Slightly higher 700,000 yuan, the price of 21,000 yuan.

For the re-recording of 4 transactions in North Point Estate, the price ranged from $26.269 million to $31.14 million, for a total of about $123 million. Another Chinese building or related person repurchased a total of 6 groups from 15 to 21, Ho Man Tin Valley Road. It involves 45.58 million yuan.