Kowloon City 6 residential site involving 870,000 floor

Thanks to the concept of the future sand centerline, the old buildings in the traditional old district of Kowloon City have been accelerated by the consortium in recent years. Many owners are also seeking reconstruction and development. At least 6 residential sites will be launched in the future, involving about 870,000 square feet. floor.

The Kowloon City District, which was built in the old building, was re-provisioned by the Government as a “Comprehensive Development Area" and “Demolition" in the vicinity of Kowloon City and the northern part of To Kwa Wan. Redevelopment in the district for residential and commercial development, in line with the future Kai Tak New Development Area.

Shazhong line effect zone with reconstruction potential

The construction of the Shatin Central Line is expected to include the Song Wong Station in the vicinity of the Song Wong Tai Playground and the Kai Tak Development Area in the future. This will facilitate the transport network in Kowloon East and other Kowloon East areas. Residential land is sold at a high price, and the old buildings in the district have the potential to rebuild.

Among them, the Kowloon City Plaza, a large shopping mall in the region, was purchased by the senior executives of Fuyuan Real Estate Holdings, which was operated by the Mainland in the past year, to purchase the “Toy King" Cai Zhiming. Earlier, it applied for rezoning and building two 31-storey commercial and residential properties. 850 people, residential floor area of ​​about 478,000 square feet, and another 95,600 square feet of non-residential floor, providing 584 private car parking spaces.

Next to the project, the old building, No. 142-154, Jiabingda Road, owned by China Kitchen Country Garden (02007), is planned to be rebuilt into a 24-storey commercial and residential building with a building area of ​​approximately 82,000 square feet.

Nanqiang Road, two old buildings, Shen Qiang, fitting and fitting

In addition, many of the buildings in the area of ​​the former section of the road have been over 50 years old, attracting developers for mergers and acquisitions, including Henderson Land (00012), which has over 90% of the two old buildings, 8 to 16A and 18 to 22, Nam Kok Road. Site Shenqiang shot, it is estimated that the two sites can be merged and developed in the future, and the floor can be built about 90,000 square feet.

The old buildings of No. 73-75 Lion Rock Road, which was acquired by the Baosheng Group of the Chen Shuqu family, are also expected to be rebuilt with the adjacent sites 67-71. The maximum building capacity will increase to 57,000 square feet.

The URA has also launched a number of redevelopment projects in the district. It is considering redeveloping old buildings in a community mode to release the old building space and open up six redevelopment projects in the district. It is estimated that about 3,000 flats will be provided and land will be provided. Library parking, new roads and optimized green landscapes.