Kaihui shocked the price of 17,000

This year, the large-scale new plate of the urban finale, the first phase of Kwun Tong Kaihui (hereinafter referred to as Kaihui) led by Xinzhi (00083), after the first opening of the two-bedroom demonstration unit yesterday, the price of the first strike was launched in the evening. 205, the developer offered a maximum discount of 20.5%, and the average price of the discount was 17,388 yuan. Compared with the new average price of the new Kai Tak District in Kowloon this year, the average average price was about $25,300, which was less than 30%. It is closer to the price level of Kai Tak No. 1 (I), the Kai Tak “Hong Kong-Hong Kong Land" project of China Overseas (00688) two years ago. Kaihui attacked at a low price and was tempted to stimulate the recent downturn in the market. However, due to the large unit area, the entrance fee was relatively high, and the sale of a house was 7,332,200 yuan.

Pingqi De Pan 30% Back to two years ago

Kaihui took the lead in opening the two-bedroom demonstration unit yesterday. It was based on a 18-story M room. The utility area was 590 square meters. The two rooms were separated from the storage room. The first price list was issued in the evening, involving 205 people. 2 seats, the practical area is between 452 and 862 square meters, the average price is 21,871 yuan, the developer offers a discount of up to 20.5%, and the average price of the discount is reduced to 17,388 yuan, which is only 4 years away from the building. Watching the moon. The current second-hand average price of Huafeng is about 18,400 yuan, which is 5.5% lower. If it is related to other second-hand housing estates in Kowloon East, such as San Po Kong. The current average price of Hong Kong Bay, Wong Tai Sin Chong Shan and To Kwa Wan Ao Yun Feng is about 1.84 million to 20,500 yuan. The price of Kaihui is about 5.5% to 15.2% lower.

The new disk directly compared with Kaihui in Kowloon East is the 6 major properties such as Jiahui, Longyu and Kaide No. 1 in Kai Tak District. The overall average transaction price of the six plates this year is about 253,000 yuan. The price list is more than 30% lower than that of Kowloon East. For the purpose of checking the information, the first project was launched in Kai Tak in August 2016. It was Kai Tak No. 1 (I) of the “Hong Kong-Hong Kong Land" project. At that time, the average price of the first price was 14471 yuan. The price has been pushed up, and the average price of the price has risen to 17055 yuan in less than two weeks. That is, the price of the first price list of Kaihui has been close to the new level of 2 years ago.

The most flat unit of Kaihui’s first price list is 2 7-story N-room two-bedroom households, with a saleable area of ​​599 square feet, a discounted price of 9.3038 million yuan, and a low price of 15532 yuan, even more than Ma On Shan and Yuen Long. The price is even lower; the most flat price is 2 rooms, 7th floor, C room, one room, the practical area is 452 square meters, the entrance fee is 7,332,200 yuan, and the price is 16222 yuan.

453 呎 a room of 7.33 million admission

Mr. Tian Zhaoyuan, co-director of the company, said that the first price list of Kaihui was sold at a super-satisfied price. Since the project was launched, it has received many enquiries, which has become a target for users and investors to enter the market. As Hong Kong’s interest rate is still at a low level, Have confidence in sales.

The developer has set up five payment methods to attract customers, including providing a maximum of 80% for the property price. The repayment period is up to 25 years. The first three years interest rate is the best interest rate (P is 5.125%) minus 2.85%. And 5 years for P, followed by P plus 1.5%; and the highest transaction price of 30% for standby second, repayment period of up to 20 years, one button and two totals can not exceed 80% of the property price, two for the first 3 years The interest rate is 2.85% for P, and the interest rate for the fourth year is P. Located in the first phase of Kaihui, 33 Concord Street, it offers 1,025 people, with a usable area of ​​452 to 1543 square meters. It is expected to enter the company by the end of April 2021.