Relying on 204 million won, Lantau high expectations

Relying on 204 million won, Lantau high expectations

The development of the company’s Dehui Development, which was successfully owned by Sino Land (083), successfully acquired the residential land in Changsha, Linhai, South Lantau Road, Lantau (No. 765, No. 332). The floor price is about 17,604 yuan, the site area is about 28,977 square feet, and the highest building area is 11,582 square feet. Earlier, the land tender had received 12 tenders. In addition, the first phase of Kaihui, the reconstruction project of No. 33 Xiehe Street, Yumin Square, Kwun Tong, was announced yesterday. The first price list was announced yesterday, with an average price of 17388 yuan.

Zhang Jingda, executive director of the Central China Surveyors, said that the company had won the land of South Lantau Road, which was higher than market expectations. A nearby Lantau Island site was approved at the end of last month at a price of RMB 160 million. The floor price was RMB 6,753. The residential land granted this time is of high quality and is expected to open up to the sea. It has the opportunity to develop into a super-luxury mansion with sea view. In addition, the scale of the land is small, the investment and investment risks are limited, and the large-scale infrastructure such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge will benefit. In the development of Dawan District, the land has certain development potential, so it is approved at a price higher than the market expectation.

Kaihui first pushed 205 people

As for Kaihui’s launch of 205 partners, buyers can enjoy a maximum discount of 20.5%. The average price is 17388 yuan, and the lowest price is 15532 yuan. The flat most flat unit is 2 8th floor and 9th floor C room. The unit and unit have a usable area of ​​452 square feet, with a sales volume of 9,434,400 yuan and a price of 20,650 yuan. As for the most expensive unit, there are 2 units of Room B on the 39th floor, with an area of ​​862 units, selling for 1999 yuan and a price of 23,198 yuan.

Chen Yongjie, vice president and head of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, said that the average price of Kaihui’s first price list was about 30% lower than that of the new Kai Tak district. The trade war between China and the United States has shown signs of easing. The atmosphere of the property market has improved this month. The second-hand transactions have improved. The users have dispatched the towers. I believe that the users have enough purchasing power to support the market. Kaihui has a chance to clear the bags.