The first phase of Kwun Tong Kaihui, led by Xinji (00083), launched the first batch of 205 gangs yesterday at a low price. The visitors from the Telford Garden in Kowloon Bay immediately changed their position and suspended the second-hand plan to switch to the new one. plate. Estate agents generally expect that second-hand trading in Kwun Tong and Kowloon Bay will be frozen in the short-term, and the moon will be adjacent to Kaihui. The price of the Huafeng property has a chance to be crushed and fell to the edge of the “seven balls".

Xu Guangsen, senior business manager of Midland Realty, said that a family member of the Kowloon Bay branch who had a budget of about 7 million yuan had originally booked a visit to Telford Garden for more than 500 square feet of two-bedroom units yesterday, but it was learned that Kaihui had debuted at a low price. Immediately, “the first step in the flight, if the sign is first used, then the second place", it is estimated that there will be similar situations in succession, adding pressure to the Telford Garden property price, of which the two-bedroom unit with a saleable area of ​​538 square feet or It fell below the “seven goals" and was favored.

Watching the moon. The price of Huafeng is afraid to wear “eight balls"

Tan Zheng, senior account manager of Hong Kong Property Bank, pointed out that Kaihui debuted at a shocking price. In the short term, it will surely steal the second-hand passengers in the Kowloon Bay area. This will make the second-hand market, which has slightly improved this month, come to a standstill again. It is estimated that it will wait for Kaihui to complete two rounds. After the sale of the building, I saw the light. If the owners of the district were worried about the shipment, the asking price should be lowered to 7% to 8% lower than the market price to attract buyers.

Lian Wan Real Estate Chief Executive Pan Daheng also said that Kaihui’s offer price is attractive, and it will hit the second-hand market in Kwun Tong. The second-hand owners in the district are expected to reduce prices, such as the current view of the moon. Huafeng is the lowest-priced F room with a price of 8 million yuan. The utility area is 457 square meters. The short-term fall back to 7.2 million yuan will be accepted.

Century 21 Liancheng Business Director Xie Baozhao said that the market sentiment was weak. The admission fee for Ligang City in Kwun Tong has already dropped to 6.5 million yuan. It is a low-rise F room two-bedroom household with a practical area of ​​517 square meters. It is expected to be low by Kaihui. In the price shock, the price of Laguna City will be further pressured, and the two-bedroom unit will have a chance to fall into the “six goals" in the short term.