Nearly 30,000 shops in the West Ring, 438 million in sale

The rent income of the non-core area building is relatively stable

“Taizi Deng" Deng Juming put on the sale of multi-storey shops in the West Central Anda Center with an intentional price of about 438 million yuan.

Wang Lei, a business director of the Central Plains (Industry and Commerce) store, said that he was commissioned to sell the basement of Anda Centre, No. 323 Queen’s Road West, West Loop, Shops 1 to 6 and 1st to 3rd floors, which will be sold in the form of a tenancy agreement and payment

The price is about 438 million yuan. The total construction area of ​​the project is about 28,777 square feet. The occupancy rate is ideal. The basement is rented by a fitness center with an area of ​​about 5,966 square feet and a rent of about 90,000 yuan. The first to third floors together account for about 18,045 square feet. For religious purposes, the three-tier rental income is about 473,000 yuan, while the other six underground shops occupy a total of 4,766 square feet. Four shops have been rented out, and the other two shops have been paid.

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It is reported that the project has a dedicated elevator to go up and down. The rent period of all units is up to 2022. If it is rented out together with the two underground shops, the total monthly rental income is expected to reach about 880,000 yuan. Looking up the information, Deng Juming bought the project for 330 million yuan last year.

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