Less than one hundred private houses in Tuen Mun

As property prices continue to climb, even in the Tuen Mun district, where prices are concentrated, there are about 84 private buildings currently priced at 4 million yuan or less, which for the first time fell to double-digit levels, compared to the same period last year. It fell nearly 60%. Together with the premium paid for public housing, housing, and houses, it also reduced by approximately 66% to 117 a year.

Wanbao Building Middle 3.2 million

According to Cheung Yick Property, there were about 100 million private buildings in the Tuen Mun area. There were still about 100 at the beginning of last month, but it is now reduced by another 16% per month. The bank’s Hu Zhiwei said that similar private flats in the region were put up for sale, focusing on single-family homes, such as a mid-ground floor area of ​​254 sq. ft. in Wanbao Building, asking for a price of RMB 3.2 million, and a practical price of RMB 12,598. As for the estate-type flats, with the exception of alternatives, the current bid price is flat at 315 sq ft, a medium-sized flat with an intentional price of 4 million yuan.

He added that after the draw of the new HS flats, the buying power will return to the fine market, and the digestion of the Tuen Mun district will be able to make a bid for the Jiucheng Building. Recently, some buyers have feared that property prices will rise again, indicating that they may not apply for a new phase of HOS or Bai Ju II, preferring to accelerate their sales in the secondary market.